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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pArAr ulagum panimAl varaiyum kadalum sudarum ivai uNdum enakku
ArAdhena ninRavan emperumAn alai nIr ulagukku arasAgiya ap
pErAnai munindha munikkaraiyan piRarillai nunakkenum ellaiyinAn
nIrAr pErAn nedumAl avanukku idam mAmalaiyAvadhu nIrmalaiyE

Word-by-Word meanings

Ar – (during deluge) vast
pAr ulagum – earth
pani – cool
mAl – huge
varaiyum – mountains
kadalum – oceans
sudarum – moon and sun
ivai – all of these
uNdum – consumed
enakku – for me
ArAdhu ena – saying “not sufficient”
ninRavan – one who is mercifully present
emperumAn – being my lord
alai nIr – surrounded by ocean where the waves are striking
ulagukku – for the earth
arasu Agiya – those who are known as kings
appErAnai –  having that name of kshathriya clan
munindha – one who mercifully showed anger
munikku araiyan – being SrI paraSurAmAzhwAn who is best among sages
nunakku – for you
piRar illai – there is none beyond you
enum – to be said
ellaiyinAn – one who remains in the boundary of being the prakAri (substratum)
nIrAr pErAn – one who has the divine name, nIrvaNNan
nedumAl avanukku – for sarvESvaran who has great love
idam Avadhu – the abode
mA – best
malai – hill
nIr malai – thirunIrmalai

Simple translation

emperumAn who consumed all of the vast earth, cool huge mountains, oceans, moon and sun, during deluge, is mercifully present saying “these are not sufficient”; my lord, being SrI paraSurAmAzhwAn who is best among sages, who mercifully showed anger on those who have that name of kshathriya clan, who are known as kings for the earth which is surrounded by ocean where the waves are striking; the abode for you, the sarvESvaran who remains in the boundary of being the prakAri (substratum), to be said that there is none beyond you, who has the divine name, nIrvaNNan, who has great love, is thirunIrmalai, the best hill.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pArAr ulagum – Earth which has abundance of land.

pani mAl varaiyum – The kulaparvathams (anchoring mountains) which are supporting the earth as if being nailed, and have clouds resting on them; oceans, radiant objects – placing all of these in his stomach, he still said “these are not sufficient” and having abundance interest in protecting everyone where the protected entities are less and scope for protecting more entities is present. That is – doing everything for his children and feeling that he has not done anything for them. Further, instead of thinking about having rescued them all from the deluge and placed them in his stomach, he is feeling anguished for letting them suffer in the deluge until then.

emperumAn – In this manner, showing how he protects everyone and enslaved me.

alai … – azhagar perumAL araiyar enquired the meaning for this passage with many persons, and some SrIvaishNavas told him “this is speaking about sarvESvaran”. One who destroyed the kings of earth which is surrounded by ocean, to even erase their names.

munikku araiyan – SrI paraSurAmAzhwAn, the best among sages, destroyed twenty one generations of kings to such an extent that their names are not even known.

piRar illai nunakku enum ellaiyinAn – To say that there is no lord beyond you, one who remains as prakAri (substratum) to have everything else as his prakAra (forms).

nIrAr pErAn – As said in manu smruthi 1.10 “ApOnArA ithiprOkthA:” (Water is created by bhagavAn who is known as nara; hence nAra indicates water. As he has such water as his abode, he is known as nArAyaNa), since he is mercifully resting on water, he has the divine name nArAyaNa; alternatively – nIr indicates nIrmai which implies a quality, that is SEshithvam (lordship), hence due to having all entities as his prakAra and being the prakAri, he is the one who has the divine name nArAyaNa. Thus, sarvESvaran, who is greater than all, has the divine name, nIr vaNNan.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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