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ArAr ayilvERkaN anjanaththin nIRaNindhu                          10
sIrAr sezhum pandhu koNdu adiyA ninREn nAn

 Word by Word Meanings

Ar Ar ayil vEl kaN – in the eyes which are beautiful and sharp like a spear
anjanaththin nIRu aNindhu – applying powdered black pigment [mixed in oil]
sIr Ar sezhu pandhu koNdu – taking a beautiful ball in the hand
nAn adiyA ninREn – I was playing with it! (during that time)


ArArayil vERkaNAr indicates beauty. ArAr indicates beauty which is complete [without any fault]. ayil vEl – sharp spear. ArAr ayil vEl kaN – eyes which are beautiful and sharp.

anjanaththin nIRaNindhu – is there a need to add beauty to her eyes! She is thus applying the pigment to bring in a sense of auspiciousness.

ayil vERkaN anjanaththin nIRaNindhu – just like adding a few drops of ghee on a weapon which has been sharpened using an abrasive stone so that it does not rust over time, the black pigment is applied to the sharp eyes.

Each activity of hers is apt for her femininity. If she had set out without decorating herself like this, he [emperumAn] would have had to engage with madal after seeing the overall beauty of her limbs.

kArAr kuzhal eduththuk katti – [further explanation for three verses seen in the previous part, starting with this verse] if she had set out, without tying her tresses, he would have been compelled to engage with madal, after being bewildered with its beauty.

kadhir mulaiyai vArAra vIkki – if I had not hidden the beauty of my bosoms with the corset (just like decorating the forehead of an elephant with caparison), I would have made him suffer just like I did.

maNimEgalai thiruththi – if I had not worn the waist cord with its gems properly, as well as the dress for the waist, my state (of sufferance) would have happened to him.

ArAr ayil vERkaN nIRaNindhu – just like stopping the flood from flowing downstream by keeping sluice gates at the origin of flood, hiding the beauty of eyes, where the flood of beauty is originating, by applying pigment. If she had not done this, he could not have escaped from her sharp eyes.

sIrAr sezhum pandhusIr is SrI, wealth. For anyone, wealth will accrue only due to contact with SrIdhEvi, this pirAtti. Hence, the ball which was touched by her becomes a wealthy ball. Just as it is mentioned in thiruppAvai 18pandhAr virali” (one who has a ball in her hands in order to play with krishNa), since it is a ball which never separates from her hand, there is no shortcoming in having contact with her.

sezhum pandhu – beautiful ball. Alternatively, splendorous ball. Just as the elephant Sathrunjayan was nurtured by SrI rAma and the cows were nurtured by kaNNan (krishNa) in gOkulam, this ball became splendorous since it was always in contact with her.

koNdadiyA ninREn – I stood playing with the ball. However, the real intention was not to play, but to wait for that supreme entity.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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