periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum

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annam thuyilum aNi nIr vayal Ali                                                              115
ennudaiya innamudhai evvuL perumalaiyaik
kanni madhiL sUzh kaNamangaik kaRpagaththai                                      116
minnai irusudarai veLLaRaiyuL kallaRai mEl

Word by word meaning

mAmalar mEl annam thuyilum – swans sleeping on distinguished lotus flowers
aNi nIr vayal Ali – thiruvAli, the divine abode, which has (agricultural) fields, full of water
ennudaiya innamudhai – the supreme enjoyer, who is giving me dharSan (for me to worship)
evvuL perumalaiyai – one who is reclining at thiruvevvuL (present day thiruvaLLUr) as if a huge mountain were reclining
kanni madhiL sUzh kaNamangai kaRpagaththai – one who is dwelling mercifully like a kalpaka vruksham (wish-fulfilling divine tree) at thirukkaNNamangai which is surrounded by newly built compound wall
minnai – one who has periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is resplendent like lightning
iru sudarai – divine disc and divine conch which appear like sUrya (sun) and chandhra (moon)
veLLaRaiyuL – at thiruveLLaRai
kal aRai mEl – inside the sannidhi (sanctum sanctorum) made of stones


mA malar mEl annam thuyilum – the rAjahamsam (regal swan) and its female bird, desiring to engagein love-quarrel, choose a lotus flower and descend on it. The flower is also huge, capable of giving place for the love-quarrel. However, once they alight on the lotus, due to the softness of the bed (provided by the flower), they forget the quarrel and go to sleep. Since the flower provides comforts, which are given to regal members, such as softness, coolness, fragrance etc the swans sleep on the bed just like kings.

aNi nIr vayal Ali – at thiruvAli which has abundance of water bodies.

ennudaiya innamudhai – being the place of her (parakAla nAyaki’s) birth and the place that she entered after marriage, it became hers totally (when a land is cultivated on lease, the owner of the land gets a portion of the produce and the lessee gets the remaining portion; in this case, the entire benefit goes to one person, parakAla nAyaki).

evvuL perumalaiyai – one who is reclining in the divine abode of thiruevvuL like a mountain where no one can enjoy him, being satisfied fully.

kanni madhiL sUzh kaNamangai kaRpagaththai – one who gave himself to me, at thirukkaNNamangai, which is surrounded by compound wall which appears to be new always. The commentator says “enakkE thannaiththandha kaRpagaththaithiruvAimozhi 2-7-11 (he is the kalpaka vruksha who gave himself to me). Has this AzhwAr not said in periya thirumozhi 7-10-10 “kaNgaL AraLavum ninRu kaNNamangaiyuL kaNdukoNdEn” (I saw emperumAn at thirukkaNNamangai for such a length of time that my eyes became fully satiated)!

madhiL sUzh – since he is a mangaLASAsanaparar (one who is engaged in praising emperumAn) he is feeling satisfied that even when he is engaging in madal, emperumAn is well protected.

How does emperumAn stand there?
minnai iru sudarai – he is like lightning and like sun and moon. This refers to emnperumAn standing there with pirAtti and with divine disc and divine conch.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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