periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha

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mannu maragadhak kunRinmarungEyOr                                                             77
inniLa vanjikkodi onRu ninRadhudhAn
annamAy mAnAy aNimayilAy AngidaiyE                                                                78

Word by word meaning

mannu maragadhak kunRin marungE – near emperumAn who remains as a mountain of emerald, being the refuge for all.
Or in iLa vanji kodi onRu ninRadhu – pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is distinguished, enjoyable (for emperumAn) and like a youthful creeper, stood
annam Ay – like a swan, in her gait
mAn Ay – like a deer, in her glance
aNi mayil Ay – like a beautiful peacock, in her tresses


mannu maragadhak kunRin marungEentire world would stand firmly, holding on to emperumAn who is like a bluish green mountain.

marungE – in his vicinity. Since emperumAn is like a huge tank, one cannot enter [due to the fear of drowning]. Thus, one can stay in his vicinity and enjoy. Since the nAyaki will not look directly at the nAyaka and since she cannot sustain herself if she does not look at him, pirAtti, the nAyaki here, is standing nearby emperumAn such that she could steal a few glances at him.

marungE – when one sees a huge flood, one cannot enter it; at the same time, one cannot go away from it too, because of its beauty. Hence, one has to remain nearby. In the same way, pirAtti is staying close to emperumAn, just as it is said in thiruvAimozhi 6-10-10agalagillEn iRaiyumenRu” (I cannot separate even for a moment)

Or inniLa vanjikkodiyonRu ninRadhudhAn – a youthful creeper, being unique and sweet, stood. The reason for calling her as a youthful creeper is because, in comparison with her, all the other women will have a streak of masculinity in them. She is the epitome of femininity. Just as emperumAn is described in Srimadh bhAgavatham 10-22-2 as “sAkshAth manmatha manmatha:” (bhagavAn is like a cupid for cupid himself; he is such handsome), pirAtti is the best among women and is similar to emperumAn. Since there is none who could be termed this way, AzhwAr, with the simile becoming very strong, is calling her as vanjikkodi itself [the term vanji has several meanings, one of which is a woman with a very slender waist].

Having described her overall beauty with the term inniLavanjikkodi, AzhwAr now describes the beauty of her inidivual limbs through similes.

annamAy – narrates the beauty of her gait.

mAnAy – narrates the beauty of her glance.

aNimayilAy – narrates the beauty of her tresses.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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