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Highlights from thirukkurukaippirAn piLLAn‘s introduction

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Highlights from nanjIyar‘s introduction

In the ninth pAsuram, parAnguSa nAyaki says “You cannot console me; I will go and enter thenthiruppEreyil”.

Highlights from vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s introduction

See nanjIyar‘s introduction.

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See nanjIyar‘s introduction.

Highlights from nampiLLai‘s introduction as documented by vadakkuth thiruvIdhip piLLai

See nanjIyar‘s introduction.


sErvan senRu ennudaith thOzhimIrgAL! annaiyargAL ennaith thERRa vENdA
nIrgaL uraikkinRadhu en idhaRku? nenjum niRaivum enakku ingillai
kAr vaNNan kArk kadal gyAlam uNda kaNNa pirAn vandhu vIRRirundha
Er vaLa oN kazhanip pazhanath thenthiruppEreyil mA nagarE


Word-by-Word meanings (based on vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s 12000 padi)

ennudai – while sharing my grief, setting out to advice me
thOzhimIrgAL – friends!
annaiyargAL – oh mothers (who always advice me)!
ennai – me
thERRa vENdA – need not console me;
idhaRku – for this state

(to console me)
nIngaL – you
en – what words
uraikkinRadhu – can you speak?
nenjum – heart (which will remain pacified)
niRaivum – completeness
enakku – for me
ingu illai – not present;

(as they have gone there, the pacification also has gone there; hence, to steal my heart and obedience)
kAr – dark
vaNNam – form
kArk kadal – consumed by deluge
gyAlam – world
uNda – his quality of protecting in danger, of consuming
pirAn – who has the obedience of being the benefactor for his followers
kaNNan – krishNa
vandhu – arrived
vIRRirundha – having as residence
Er – plough’s
vaLam – having abundance
oN – beautiful
kazhani – fields
pazhanam – having water bodies
thenthiruppEreyil – thenthiruppEreyil
mA nagar – big city
senRu sErvan – will reach

Simple translation (based on vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s 12000 padi)

Oh friends who are setting out to advice me while sharing my grief! Oh mothers! You need not console me; what can you speak for this state? My heart and completeness are not present; krishNa, who is having dark form and who has the quality of protecting the world from being consumed by deluge, by consuming it, arrived at thenthiruppEreyil and having it as residence; I will reach this big city which is having abundance of ploughs, beautiful fields and water bodies.

vyAkyAnams (commentaries)

Highlights from thirukkurukaippirAn piLLAn‘s vyAkyAnam

See vAdhi kEsari azhagiya maNavALa jIyar‘s translation.

Highlights from nanjIyar‘s vyAkyAnam

See nampiLLai‘s vyAkyAnam.

Highlights from periyavAchchAn piLLai‘s vyAkyAnam

See nampiLLai‘s vyAkyAnam.

Highlights from nampiLLai‘s vyAkyAnam as documented by vadakkuth thiruvIdhip piLLai

  • sErvan senRu – They say “though you are speaking in anguish, is this practically possible?” she says “I will certainly reach there”.
  • ennudaith thOzhimIrgAL … – Those who exist for me [friends] and those who think I exist for them [mothers] need not say anything. To be unable to console her, there is no difference between friends and mothers. Can ignorant persons instruct wise person and save them? Can those who consider my love towards him which is due to his nature, to be a means, advice me? She is forgetting herself and speaking with her focus on him; they are forgetting him, and focussing on themselves, trying to withdraw her.
  • nIrgaL uraikkinRadhen idhaRku – Can those who are confused [friends and mothers], console the one who is clear [parAnguSa nAyaki, who is clear on her goal]? What is your state? And what is my state? How can you who consider my leaving as a fault/blame, advice me who is determined to go to him?
  • idhaRku – For my state.

They say “Still, is this how one who has a heart and obedience will speak? Should you not listen to advice and follow us?” She says,

  • nenjum niRaivum enakku ingu illai – If you want to say that, you go there and say that. My heart and obedience have reached him. niRaivu – obedience. nenju – the container of that.
  • kAr vaNNan … – Is his form such that my heart and obedience will be under my disposal?
  • kAr vaNNan –  One who has a beautiful form which makes me disregard the words of mothers and friends.

When asked “Does he only have physical beauty?” She says,

  • kArk kadal gyAlam uNda – The saviour for the suffering ones.

When asked “would he just protect during dire situations and leave subsequently?” She says,

  • kaNNA pirAn – The benefactor who places himself at the disposal of others.
  • vandhu vIRRirundha – Being present there manifesting all his opulence.
  • Er … – I will reach the great city of thenthiruppEreyil which is having abundance of ploughs [implying fertile lands], beautiful fields and water bodies. I will neither withdraw myself seeing the hurdles you place nor will I remain on the way [looking at the beauty]. Don’t console me.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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