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AzhwAr says that since emperumAn’s standing posture at thiruvEngadamalai is more distinguished than his stature as antharyAmi  (indwelling soul) inside his heart, he desires to go to thiruvEngadam and have dharSan (seeing) of emperumAn there. Just as emperumAn desires to shift from his residences at various places to AzhwAr’s heart as mentioned in pAsurams such as periya thiruvandhAdhi 65 “kallum kanaikadalum vaigundha vAnAdum pullenRozhindhana kol …. adiyEnadhu uLLaththu agam” (emperumAn has entered my heart and all his earlier residences such as thiruvEngadam (kal – thiruvEngadam), thiruppARkadal, SrIvaikuNtam etc have become bushy areas since no one goes there as a result of emperumAn having shifted from there…), AzhwAr desires to go to thiruvEngadam and see emperumAn instead of seeing him residing inside his heart. Hasn’t nammAzhwAr prayed to emperumAn not to leave his residence by mercifully mentioning in his periya thiruvandhAdhi pAsuram “iLam kOyil kaividEl” (do not give up the makeshift sannidhi [which is a temporary residence used during renovation of the main sannidhi])!

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

kANal uRuginREn kallaruvi muththudhira
ONa vizhavil oli adhira pENi
varu vEngadavA en uLLam pugundhAy
thiruvEngadam adhanaich chenRu

Word for Word Meanings

kal aruvi – through the streams which make a sound
muththu udhira – pearls
ONam vizhavil – in the thiruvONam festival [the star of thiruvEngadaththAn is thirovONam]
oli adhira – with the sounds of praising [emperumAn], reverberating
pENi varu – (devotees) desirous of coming to
vEngadavA – Oh one who has taken residence at thiruvEngadam!
en uLLam pugundhAy – you have entered my heart

(even though you have left thiruvEngadam and entered my heart)
thiruvEngadam adhanai  senRu kANal uRuginREn – I am desirous of going to thiruvEngadam and having your dharSan there


kallaruvi muththudhira – the streams make a sound “kal” and pearls fall down from them. Alternatively, aruvi kal muththu udhira the stream will spill out gemstones like rubies, pearls etc.

ONa vizhavil oli adhira – during the festival time of thiruvONam (which is very famous in thiruvEngadam), the sweet voice of those who sing with lot of affection will reverberate through the hills.

ONa vizhavil oliyadhira, kallaruvi muththidhira – the sound of devotees praising emperumAn at thiruvEngadam will melt stones and they will shed tears. The word oli will refer to the sound raised by those who sing praises on emperumAn, those who chant vEdhas, those who sing and dance etc.

pENi varu vEngadavA – Oh emperumAn at thiruvEngadam! You are residing in such a hill where devotees would always keep praising you with lot of affection, where even the insentient entities would lie as if they are in a peaceful state undergone by sentient entities, and which is frequented by your devotees.

pENi varu vEngadavA – Oh emperumAn at thiruvEngadam who would neglect all such wealth and desire to enter my heart!

ennuLLam pugundhAy – you, who are carrying out sAdhanam ( an activity carried out as a means to attain a goal), entered the sAdhyam (readily available) heart of mine as soon as you obtained it!

thiruvEngadam adhanaich chenRu kANal uRuginREn – (while you are leaving aside thiruvEngadam and entering my heart) I want to come to thiruvEngadam which is more distinguished than my mind and want to see you there.

What is such a distinguishing feature in thiruvEngadam compared to AzhwAr’s heart? AzhwAr says “My heart is the originating source for sins while thiruvEngadam removes sins” as mentioned by nammAzhwAr in his thiruvAimozhi 3-3-6vEngadangaL mey mEl vinai muRRavum”.

We will take up the 42nd pAsuram next.

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