nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi – 42 – senRu vaNanguminO

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Some people asked AzhwAr “What we need is attainment of desirables and removal of undesirables; will these fructify if we travel to thiruvEngadam?” AzhwAr responds “There is no need to climb the hills and worship the father (emperumAn) there. It is enough if one goes near the hills and worships the hills. Removal of undesirables and attainment of desirables will happen on their own”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

senRu vaNanguminO sENuyar vEngadaththai
ninRu vinaikedukkum nIrmaiyAl enRum
kadikkamala nAnmuganum kaN mUnRaththAnum
adikkamalam ittEththum angu

Word for Word Meanings

sEN uyar vEngadaththai – thirumalai which has tall peak
senRu vaNangumin – go and worship

(that thirumalai)
nIrmaiyAl – due to its nature
ninRu vinai kedukkum – will stand firm in removing sins
angu – in that thirumalai
kadi kamalam nAnmuganum – brahmA who was born in a fragrant lotus flower
kaN mUnRaththAnum – Siva with three eyes
enRum – at all times
adi – at the divine feet (of emperumAn)
kamalam – lotus flowers
ittu – offering
Eththum – will worship


senRu vaNanguminO sENuyar vEngadaththai – go and worship thiruvEngadam which is very great in terms of its height and fame.

sENuyar vEngadaththai – you don’t have to walk a long distance. Just as mentioned in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 5-4-1 “senniyOngu thaN thiruvEngadam” (cool hills of thirumalai whose peaks rise to a great height), even as you leave your town, does not this mountain make itself visible to you, occupying a huge space in the sky, to remove your sins? The word ninRu could be added to both vaNanguminO and vinaikedukkum by the madhyamaNi nyAyam (a provision in poetical grammar). Thus, we can have

ninRu vaNanguminO – without hurrying yourself, stand calmly and worship.

ninRu vinai kedukkum nIrmaiyAl – the word vEngadam means “that which removes sins”. Since the hill has this quality as its identity, it naturally has the quality of removing sins. This implies that one need not cry for removal of undesirables.

What is to be done for getting the desirables? AzhwAr says  next that the deities who you all think as granting your desires, get their positions by worshipping emperumAn at thiruvEngadam….

enRum – it is not that this happens once in a lifetime. This happens always, constantly.

kadikkamala nAnmuganum – Since brahmA was born out of the entity who is termed as “sarvagandha:” (repository of all fragrances) [emperumAn], the lotus on which brahmA sits is also full of fragrance.

kaNmUnRaththAnum – Siva who has three eyes indicating that he has high level of knowledge.

adikkamalam ittEththum angu – both brahmA and Siva would worship emperumAn at thiruvEngadam hills, by offering lotus flowers at his divine feet, and get their positions etc. Thus, the meaning implied here is that samsAris need not worry about attaining their desirables.

We will take up the 43rd pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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