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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thAy vAyil sol kELAL
than AyaththOdu aNaiyAL thadamen kongai
yE Arach chAndhu aNiyAL emperumAn
thiruvarangam engE? ennum
pEy mAya mulai uNdu ivvulagu uNda
peru vayiRRan pEsil nangAy
mAmAyan en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
mangaimIr! madhikkilEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

thAy – I, who am the mother, my
vAyil – spoken through mouth
sol – word
kELAL – she is not listening to
than – her
AyaththOdu – her friends
aNaiyAL – she is not joining
thadam – vast
mel – tender natured
kongaiyE – bosoms
Ar – completely
sAndhu – with sandalwood paste
aNiyAL – not decorating (as done previously);
emperumAn – where my lord is present
thiruvarangam – dhivyadhESam named SrIrangam
engE ennum – she is asking “where is it?”
mangaimIr – youthful
nangAy – oh girls!
pEy – pUthanA
mAya – to be finished
mulai – her bosom
uNdu – consumed;
ivvulagu – this earth
uNda – one who consumed (during deluge)
peru vayiRRan – one who has huge, divine stomach
mA – inconceivable
mAyan – one who has amazing power
en magaLai – on the matter of my daughter
seydhanagaL – what he did
pEsil – if I try to speak
madhikkilEn – unable to conceive it and speak about it.

Simple translation

My daughter is not listening to the word spoken through my mouth though I am her mother; she is not joining with her friends; she is not decorating her vast, tender-natured bosoms with sandalwood paste completely; she is asking “where is the dhivyadhESam named SrIrangam where my lord is present?”. Oh youthful girls! He consumed pUthanA’s bosom to have her finished; he is the one with huge, divine stomach, who consumed this earth; he has inconceivable, amazing power; if I try to speak about what he did on the matter of my daughter, I am unable to conceive it and speak about it.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thAy vAyil … – In all situations, one should obey mother’s words. “jIvathOr vAkyakaraNAth” (While alive, one should do as per [mother’s] instructions). Even if I speak matching her state of love, she disregards, considering those to be my words.

kELAL – Is it not enough if she just doesn’t follow it? [She is not even listening]

than AyathththOdu aNaiyAL – It is alright if she abandons the mother who gives advice and has to be abandoned; but should she be indifferent towards those friends who are to be accepted? Even the friends have become like mother. In vihagESvara samhithA “pitharam mAtharam .. sakeen”, just as it is said that the mother should be abandoned, it is also said that friends should be abandoned. Here, she remains with mother, but does not listen to her. But she does not even remain with the friends. The opportunity of approaching her through them is also lost.

thadam … – After abandoning mother and friends, should she abandon him also? He will come. She is avoiding the acts which are done for his arrival. At other times, she would care for her bosoms which are huge and enjoyable, and are tender to bear the separation, [Now she is not doing so]

kongaiyE Ara – [Previously] even when he came, she would ignore him and care for those bosoms.

emperumAn … – She is asking “Where is the dhivyadhESam where the one who is eternally related and who developed love towards him, to disregard the mother and others equally?”. His svAmithvam (lordship) is not based on karma.

emperumAn – She knows him as the one who won over her. This is the meaning of the term “nama:“.

pEy … – The demon’s bosom which was deceptive to appear as mother’s bosom; or, to destroy the demon.

ivvulagu … – When it comes to being his food, protecting his followers and destroying his enemies are not different.

nangAy – As [affectionately] said in SrIvishNu purANam “maithrEya” (Oh maithrEya).

mAmAyan – One who has amazing aspects which will not let one be finished in separation. [Like] drinking a demon’s milk, while being a toddler. He did to my daughter without thinking whether it should be done or not.

mangaimIr – You are retaining your youth and femininity.

madhikkilEnE – I am unable to conceive that to be “this much”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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