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SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram, AzhwAr speaks about how he removed the hurdle to live with sIthAp pirAtti, posed by paraSurAman, by winning over him.

sevvari naRkaru nedungaN sIdhaikkAgich chinavidaiyOn silaiyiRuththu mazhuvAL Endhi
vevvari naRchilai vAngi venRI koNdu vEl vEndhar pagai thadindha vIran thannaith
thevvaranju nedum purisai uyarndha pAngarth thillai nagarth thiruchchithrakUdam thannuL
evvari venjilaith thadakkai irAman thannai iRainjuvAr iNaiyadiyE iRainjinEnE

Word-by-Word Meanings

sevvari – having reddish lines
kaRu – blackish
nedu – long
kaN – having eyes
sIdhaikkAgi – to marry sIthAp pirAtti
sinam vidaiyOn – Sivan, who rides an angry bull
silai iRuththu – breaking his bow
(on the way back from mithilA)
mazhu vAL Endhi – paraSurAma, who has axe as his weapon
vev vari nal silai – distinguished bow which is both dangerous and beautiful
vAngi – drawing it
venRi koNdu – defeating (him)
vEl vEndhar pagai thadindha – one who defeated the enemy of kings who held spear
vIran thannai – one who has valour
thevvar anju – feared by enemies
nedu purisai – having tall fortified walls
uyarndha pAngar – having tall fortified protective platform [like a watch-tower]
thillai nagar thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL – one who has mercifully taken residence in thiruchchithrakUtam
evvari vem silai thada kai irAman thannai – SrI rAma who holds a dangerous bow in his divine, large hands, and which is difficult for others to aim and shoot with
iRainjuvAr – the followers who worship
iNai adiyE – their two divine feet
iRainjinEn – I bowed down to

Simple Translation

SrI rAma broke the bow of Sivan, who rides an angry bull, in order to marry sIthAp pirAtti who has blackish, wide eyes with red lines inside. On the way back (from mithilA, after marrying sIthAp pirAtti), SrI rAma drew the bow which paraSurAma, who holds an axe as his weapon and who is the enemy of kings who held spears, had. Thus, he defeated paraSurAma, exhibiting his valour. That SrI rAma, who has a dangerous bow in his large hands, has mercifully taken residence inside thiruchchithrakUtam which is protected with fortified walls and fortified raised platforms. I bow my head down to those devotees who worship SrI rAma.


sevvari naR karu nedungaN … pagai thadindha vIran thannai – SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 16-5 SlOkam says “thulya Sila vayO vruththAm thulyAbhijanalakshaNAm l rAghavO’rhathi vaidhEhIm tham chEyamasithEkshaNA ll”
(Having similar qualities, age and activities, having similar clan and noble appearance, SrI rAma is fully qualified to attain vaidhEhi (sIthAp pirAtti); she too, who has black eyes, is fully qualified to attain SrI rAma). As mentioned in this SlOkam, as well as mentioned by nammAzhwAr in his thiruvAimozhi 4-5-2 pAsuram “maiya kaNNAL” (pirAtti who has blackish eyes), sIthAp pirAtti has blackish eyes. SrI rAma pirAn was totally engaged with those blackish eyes, he casually broke the bow, which none could even lift, of Sivan, who rides a bull which has anger as a characteristic. Seeing this action of SrI rAma, sIthAp pirAtti married him and they were returning to ayOdhdhi. At that time, paraSurAma, who wields an axe as his weapon, opposed SrI rAma and challenged him to draw the SrI Sarngam bow, which he had and which had killed twenty-one generations of kings. SrI rAma accepted that challenge, defeated paraSurAma and took vaishNavAmsam (the quality of being vishNu) from him, thus displaying his valour with which he removed the great enmity which had shaken the regal stature of kings for generations together.

thevvar anju … chithra kUdam thannuL – residing in the divine abode which is well protected by the tall fortified walls and the tall watch-towers which protect the forts, due to which it is feared by enemies.

evvari vem silaith thadakkai irAman thannai – SrI rAmAyaNam yuddha kANdam SlOkam says “sa dhadharSa thathO rAmam thishtantham aparAjitham l Aligandham ivAkASam avashtabhya mahath dhanu: ll” (He [rAvaNa] saw SrI rAma who was unconquerable and who was firmly holding the great bow which was reaching up to the sky). SrI rAma was holding SrI SArngam which could not be controlled by anyone else and which was such that enemies, even while they were seeing it, would get killed by it. evvari venjilai – cruel bow which cannot be used by anyone else for shooting an arrow.

iRainjuvAr adiyiNaiyE – at the divine feet of those SrI vaishNavas who have lost out to the valour and beauty of that SrI rAma and have become his servitors

iRainjinEn – AzhwAr says that his status is similar to that of SathrugnAzhwAn who lost to the auspicious qualities of SrI bharathAzhwAn.

We will next take up the 4th pAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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