perumAL thirumozhi – 10.2 – vandhedhirndha thAdagai than

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction)

Being the starting point for rooting out demons as well as to fulfil the desire of sage viSvAmithra, SrI rAma had destroyed demon thAtakA and her sons, subAhu and mArIcha. AzhwAr describes in this pAsuram, these incidents.

vandhedhirndha thAdagai than uraththaik kIRi varu kurudhi pozhi thara van kaNai onRu Evi
mandhiram koL maRai munivan vELvi kAththu vallarakkar uyiruNda maindhan kANmin
sendhaLir vAy malar nagai sEr sezhundhaN sOlaith thillai nagarth thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL
andhaNargaL oru mUvAyiravar Eththa aNi maNi Asanaththu irundha ammAn thanE

Word-by-Word Meanings

vandhu edhirndha – coming with anger and opposed
thAdagai than – thAtakA’s
uraththaik kIRi – tearing apart her chest
varu kurudhi pozhi thara – with blood flowing out (like a stream)
val kaNai onRu Evi – shooting an arrow, unmatched in its power
mandhiram koL maRai munivan – sage viSvAmithra, who has all the manthras (hymns) with him and who is well versed in vEdhams (sacred texts)
vELvi kAththu – protecting his yAgam (religious event)
val arakkar – (demons who came as hurdles to the yAgam) subAhu and mArIcha
uyir uNda – one who killed
maindhan – child
sem thaLir vAy – amidst reddish sprouts
nagai malar sEr – with blossomed flowers
sezhu thaN sOlai – having beautiful, cool gardens
thillainagar thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL – one who has mercifully taken residence in thiruchchithra kUtam in thillai nagar
andhaNargaL oru mUvAyiravar Eththa – praised by three thousand brAhmaNas who do not desire anyone / anything other than emperumAn
aNi maNi Asanaththu irundha – sitting on a simhAsanam (throne) embedded with unique gemstones
ammAn thanE – isn’t he the sarvESvaran (lord of all)!
kANmin – know this

Simple Translation

SrI rAma killed the demon thAtakA, who came with anger and opposed the yAgam, conducted by sage viSvAmithra, by shooting an arrow with unmatched power. He destroyed the demons subAhu and mArIcha who came to place hurdles in the yAgam and protected the yAgam. He has mercifully taken residence in thiruchchithra kUtam in thillai nagar, which has beautiful gardens, where flowers are blossoming amidst reddish sprouts. Know that he is the sarvESvaran, who is sitting on a throne, embedded with unique gemstones, and praised by three thousand brAhmaNas, who desire nothing other than emperumAn.


vandhedhirndha thAdagai – when SrI rAma and lakshmaNa accompanied sage viSvAmithra to protect his yAgam, thAtakA, the demon, came on her own and waged a battle. Just as thirumangai AzhwAr had mercifully said in periya thirumadal “thannigar onRillAdha thAdagai” (thAtakA who had none to match her), since she was without a match in her qualities of deception and cruelty, she came on her own and fought.

than uraththaik kIRi – tearing her heart which had thought of harming SrI rAma

varu kurudhi pozhi thara – her blood poured out, like a stream from a mountain flowing on reddish soil

van kaNai onRu Evi – shooting a divine arrow which had unmatched power

mandhiram koL maRai munivan vELvi kAththu – whenever sage viSvAmithra, who had all the manthras under his control and who was well versed in vEdhams, conducted yAgams, thAtakA and her sons would come and stop the yAgam by dirtying it. Since he could not afford to get angry during the conduct of yAgam, the sage could not curse them. Hence, whenever he was conducting yAgam, he would be fearing whether they would come yet again to disturb him. To ensure that he does not have any fear and to ensure that his yAgam would be taken to completion in a proper manner, they (SrI rAma and lakshmaNa) protected the yAgam.

vELvi kAththu vallarakkar uyiruNda maindhan mANmin – even when he was a child, SrI rAma destroyed subAhu and mArIcha who came to create hurdles for the yAgam. Though mArIcha was not destroyed then, since subsequently he would get frightened by merely hearing the sound “ra” in SrI rAma, he was as good as having been destroyed. Since sage viSvAmithra enunciated gAyathri manthram, AzhwAr refers to him as mandhiram koL mAmunivan.

sem thaLir vAy malar nagai sEr sezhum thaN sOlaith thillainagarth thiruchchithrakUdam thannuL– in this dhivyadhESam (divine abode) which is decorated with gardens which have flowers blossomed amidst reddish sprouts, which were beautiful and which remove the ennui of beholders

andhaNaragaL oru mUvAyiravar – brAhmaNas who were referred to as thillai mUvAyiravar (three thousand in thillai nagar), for whom carrying out bhagavath kainkaryam (service to emperumAn) was the only benefit which they desired and did not bother about any other benefit. Thus, it is clear that even during AzhwAr’s time, thillai mUvAyiravar mercifully resided there only, for carrying out bhagavath kainkaryam. Later, during the time of kirumi kaNda chOzhan (a descendent of king rAja rAja chOzhan), these SrI vaishNavas were converted into Saivaites, according to historical facts. It is pertinent to note that even now, when this ancient SrI vaishNava temple is being occupied by Saivaites, emperumAn is lying in an elevated place stretching out his divine feet while natarAja is dancing in a lower place, making emperumAn happy.

Eththa – to sing pallANdu (praising emperumAn) together

aNi maNi Asanaththu irundha ammAn thanE – Just as it has been said in thiruppAvai 23 “kOppudaiya sIriya singAsanaththirundhu” (sitting on a majestic throne), the one sitting on an eminent throne, embedded with distinguished gemstones, is sarvESvaran only.

Next, we will take up the 3rd pAsuram of this decad.

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