perumAL thirumozhi – 10.1 – angaNedu madhil

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

perumAL thirumozhi >> 10th Decad

avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram, AzhwAr describes how emperumAn incarnated as SrI rAma such that celestial entities such as indhra et al could get rid of their sorrows and live happily.

angaNedu madhiL pudai sUzh ayOdhdhi ennum aNi nagarath(thu) ulaganaiththum viLakkum sOdhi
vengadhirOn kulaththukkOr viLakkAyth thOnRi viN muzhudhum uyakkoNda vIran thannaich
chengaNedum karumugilai irAman thannai thillai nagarth thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL
engaL thani mudhalvanai emperumAn thannai enRu kolO! kaN kuLirak kANu nALE

Word-by-Word Meanings

am kaN – having beautiful places
nedu madhil – with tall fortified walls
pudai sUzh – surrounded on all the sides
ayOdhdhi ennum – being famously called as ayOdhdhi
aNi nagaraththu – in the beautiful city
ulagu anaiththum – all the worlds
viLakkkum sOdhi – narAyaNan, the great effulgence, who makes them shine
vem kadhirOn kulaththukku – for the clan of sUrya (sun)
Or viLakkAyth thOnRi – incarnating as a matchless radiance
viN muzhudhum – for all the celestial entities
uyakkoNda – (removing their sorrow) one who uplifted
vIran thannai – a great warrior
sem kaN – with reddish eyes
nedu karu mugilai – one who has a form like a huge black cloud
irAman thannai – one who makes everyone happy through his physical form and beauty of his eyes
thillai nagar thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL – in thiruchchithra kUtam in thillai nagar (one who has mercifully taken residence)
engaL thani mudhalvanai – one who is our unmatched causative factor for the worlds
emperumAn thannai – sarvESvaran, who is our lord
kaN kuLira kANum nAL – the day when we would see comfortably with our eyes
enRu kolO – when is it?

Simple Translation

SrIman nArAyaNan incarnated as SrI rAma, in the beautiful city of ayOdhdhi which has beautiful places within it and which is surrounded by tall, fortified walls. He came as a great effulgence in the clan of sUrya to make all the worlds shine. He incarnated with a matchless radiance and uplifted the celestial entities. He is a great warrior, with reddish eyes and with a form like huge could. He makes everyone happy with his physical form and beautiful eyes. When will I see that unmatched causative factor for the worlds, that sarvESvaran, who has taken residence in thiruchchithrakUtam in thillai nagar such that my eyes will become cool?


angaN nedu madhiL pudai sUzh ayOdhdhi – ayOdhdhi has bhOgyas (materials which are to be enjoyed), bhOgOpakaraNas (the implements which are required to enjoy those materials) and bhOgasthAnas (places where these materials are enjoyed). It is surrounded by fortified walls which rise up to the sky. thaiththirIya AraNyakam says “dhEvAnAm pUrayOdhyA” (the dwelling place of nithyasUris is called as ayOdhyA). It also says “purIm hiraNmayIm brahmA l vivESAparAjithAm ll” (brahmAm (supreme entity) pervaded that place which is golden and which is termed as aparAjithai (that which cannot be won over). ayOdhdhi is similar to paramapadham which is described in the vEdhams as ayOdhyA and which cannot be laid under siege by enemies.

ennum – unlike paramapadham which, very few people with knowledge, know of, this ayOdhdhi is famously known all over the world.

aNi nagaraththu – this could be construed either as a beautiful place or as a place without any shortcoming in its decorations.

ulaganaiththum viLakkum sOdhi – through its radiance it makes the entire world to be splendorous. Like the emperumAn who incarnated there, and who is described in thaiththirIya Upanishad nArAyaNavalli 11 as “nArAyaNa param brahma thathvam nArAyaNa: para: l narAyana parOjyOthi: AthmA nArAyaNa: para: ll” (nArAyaNa alone is known as supreme entity; nArAyaNa alone is the supreme truth; nArAyaNa alone is the supreme radiance; nArAyaNa alone is also the supreme soul), this place has supreme radiance.

vengadhirOn kulaththukku Or viLakkAyth thOnRi – in the clan of sUrya who removes entire darkness in the worlds; unlike sUrya who comes alternatively as day and night, incarnating as an unmatched splendour

viN muzhudhum uyakkoNda vIran thannai – the unique warrior, who, through his valour, removed the sorrows of celestial entities such as indhra et al.

sengaN nedum karumugilai – one who came with the divine form of a cloud which had imbibed the entire oceans, in order to protect the entire world, apart from the celestial entities, and who has lotus like eyes which manifest that he is sarvESvaran (lord of all)

irAman thannai – one who attracts everyone through the beauty of his divine form, through the beauty of his divine eyes and through his auspicious qualities, without distinguishing between those who have affection and those who are inimical, making everyone to lose out to him. In the earlier verse of vIran thannai, the quality mentioned would be applicable here too. Has it not been mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 12-29? “sathyEna lOkAn jayathi dhInAn dhAnEna rAghava: l gurUn SuSrUshayA vIrO dhanushA yudhi SAdhravAn ll” (rAghava, the warrior, through speaking truth, wins over the world; through magnanimity, wins over the poor; through his servitorship, wins over his teachers and through his bow, wins over his enemies in the battle)

thillai nagar thiruchchithra kUdam thannuL – one who has mercifully taken residence in thiruchchithra kUtam such that even those who were not present during the time of his incarnation could enjoy him now.

engaL thani mudhalvanai – one who became an unmatched causative factor for us; those who could not enjoy him from those times, could enjoy him now.

emperumAn thannai – one who is a natural lord for us.

enRu kolO kaN kuLirak kANum nALE – AzhwAr says “Due to being caught in the burden of ruling this kingdom, my eyes were feeling sad for not having worshipped him. When will I worship him so that they will get rid of their sorrow and I can reap the benefit of having been provided with eyes”? The meaning of the term enRu kolO is this: if a date is fixed when AzhwAr would be told that he could have dharSan of emperumAn, it would be equivalent to seeing him this day.

We will take up the second pAsuram of this decad, next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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