periya thirumozhi – 5.3.1 – venRi mAmazhu

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periya thirumozhi >> Fifth centum >> Third decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


venRi mAmazhu Endhi mun maN misai mannarai mUvezhu kAl
konRa dhEva! nin kurai kazhal thozhuvadhOr vagai enakku aruL puriyE
manRil mAmbozhil nuzhai thandhu malligai mauvalin pOdhalarththi
thenRal mAmaNam kamazh thara varu thiruveLLaRai ninRAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

thenRal – southerly breeze
manRil – present in the gaps
mAm pozhil – in the mango gardens
nuzhai thandhu – entered
malligai – jasmine’s
mauvalin – mullai (another variety of jasmine)
pOdhu – flowers
alarththi – made them blossom
mA – great
maNam – fragrance
kamazh thara – to spread in the world
varu – coming and roaming
thiruveLLaRai  – in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLaRai
ninRAnE – oh lord who is mercifully present!
mun – previously
venRi – giving victory
mA – big
mazhu – the weapon named paraSu (axe)
Endhi – carried
maN misai – on the earth
mannarai – kings
mU ezhu kAl – twenty one generations
konRa – killed
dhEva – Oh lord!
nin – your
kurai – resounding
kazhal – divine feet
thozhuvadhu – to surrender
Or vagai – one way
enakku – for me
aruL puri – should mercifully show.

Simple translation

Oh lord who is mercifully present in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLaRai where southerly breeze entered the mango gardens which are present in the gaps/spaces , made the jasmine flowers blossom and is coming and roaming to spread the great fragrance in the world! Oh lord, who previously carried the big weapon named paraSu which gives victory and killed twenty one generations of kings! You should mercifully show a way for me to surrender unto your resounding divine feet.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

venRi … – AzhwAr is saying “Is it as difficult to protect me as protecting the world by eliminating the kings who tormented it?”

mun – Are you just starting to eliminate the enemies today? (Haven’t you been doing this for long?)

venRi … – Wielding the axe which can bring victory to anyone who is wielding it and is having greatness above and beyond that of the enemies, as if it is for decoration, previously, you gathered kings of twenty one generations and destroyed them; oh one who is considering this act of eliminating the hurdles as your own benefit rather than helping others, and showing it in the lustre of your divine form! As said in SrI rAmAyaNa yudhdha kANdam “abhishichya cha lankAyAm rAkshasEndhram vibhIshaNam I kruthakruthyas thadhA rAmO vijvara: pramOdha ha II” (SrI rAma, on completing the coronation of vibhIshaNa as the king of demons in lankA, felt relieved of his fever, and was joyous that his task has been completed).

emperumAn asks “Yes. We did it back then. What shall I do for you now?” AzhwAr says

nin … – You should grant your mercy so that I could do kainkaryam (service) matching my true nature, at your divine feet which are decorated by resounding anklets.

manRil … – All the objects in that town exist for the sake of others. The goal is to remain for others rather than remaining for self. Entering the mango gardens which have dense growth and are present in the open spaces, the southerly breeze makes the different types of jasmine flowers blossom, accepting their fragrance on its body, and is roaming here. Oh one who is present in such thiruveLLaRai! For the desires of the residents of the town to be fulfilled, they need not go anywhere else. The breeze is having chillness, fragrance, pleasantry and tenderness. SrI rAmAyaNam kishkindhA kANdam 1.72 “padhma kEsara samsrushta:” (fragrance carrying lotus pollens) – eliminating the extraneous aspects, just touching the flower instead of going deep into it; vrukshAnthara vinisrutha: –  Since there is no scope for sun’s rays entering in, the breeze would travel only in the gaps between the trees. periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 4.8.9 “kunRUdu pozhil nuzhaindhu” (The southerly breeze entered the gardens on the mountains) – entering chandhanagiri (sandalwood mountain – mountain like bosoms which are anointed with sandalwood paste); kodiyidaiyAr mulai aNavi (touching the bosom of the ladies who have slender waist) – touching/caressing the bosoms which are upset; manRudu thenRaluga – Having got control of those bosoms also, the breeze was roaming outside with pride. Here, AzhwAr is explaining the breeze as a chEthana (sentient person).

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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