perumAL thirumozhi – 6.6 – maRporu thOLudai

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perumAL thirumozhi >> 6th Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

This pAsuram reflects the angry words of a girl directed at krishNan who returns to her after leaving her and embracing a few other girls.

maRporu thOLudai vAsudhEvA! valvinaiyEn thuyil koNdavARE
iRRai iravidai Emathth(u) ennai innaNai mElittu aganRu nI pOy
aRRai iravum Or piRRai nALum arivaiyarOdum aNaindhu vandhAy
eRRukku nI en marungil vandhAy? emperumAn! nI ezhundharuLE

Word-by-Word Meanings

mal poru – one who fought with wrestlers
thOL udai vAsudhEvA – Oh one who has the shoulders and who is the son of vasudhEvar!
valvinaiyEn – I, who had carried out lot of sinful deeds
thuyil koNdavARE – as soon as I slept off
iRRai iravu idai Emaththu – during the middle jAmam of that night [a jAmam is a period of 4 hours]
in aNai mEl – on a mattress appropriate for union
ennai ittu – making me to lie down
nI aganRu pOy – you left me
aRRai iravum – that night
Or piRRai nALum – and the subsequent day
arivaiyarOdum­ – with (all the five lakh) girls
aNaindhu vandhAy – you came after uniting with them
nI – you, who are like this,
en marungil – near me
eRRukku vandhAy – why did you come?
emperumAn – On my swAmy (lord)!
nI ezhundharuL – you may move out

Simple Translation

Oh the son of vasudhEvar, and who has the shoulders with which you fought against the wrestlers! I am a cowherd girl who has carried out plenty of sinful deeds. You had put me down on an appropriate bed for union, and after I slept off, you left me. You spent that night and the subsequent day with the (five lakh cowherd) girls. Why did you come near me, after uniting with them? Oh my lord! You may move out [from here].

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

maRporu thOLudai vAsudhEvA – since you are the son of vasudhEvar, even if you behave in an unrestrained way, you cannot be stopped. The implied meaning is that since he is an uncontrollable person, his activities do not cause any surprise.

valvinaiyEn thuyil koNdavARE – when you were near me, I did not tie you down. Alas! I had committed such sins that even my sleep became my enemy since I came to know of your activities only after you had left.

iRRai iravidai Emaththu ennai – did you not leave me and go in the middle of the night when I should have hugged you?

innaNai mElittu nI pOy – Since it was a comfortable mattress, you would have thought “She would sleep when I am embracing her. Once she sleeps, I could go”. You had planned well and left me.

aRRai iravum Or piRRai nALum – that night as well as the next morning. You could not have managed to do there, what you did to me, an ignoramus. Hence, you had to stay the rest of the night as well as the whole of the next day.

arivaiyarOdum aNaindhu vandhAy – you came, after hugging all the girls in AyppAdi (SrI gOkulam). Once she said this, he thought “The best way to pacify her is to embrace her” and went near her to embrace her.

eRRukku nI en marungil vandhAy – I do not know as to which girl, who was not fit to be embraced, you had hugged. Don’t touch me. Stay at a distance.

emperumAn! nI ezhundharuLE – since you had behaved in an intimate manner earlier, due to that habit, I had told you “You have come close to me”. I should not have said that. You must forgive me. Are you not a great person? I should have told you “Mercifully, you should leave”

We will consdier pAsuram 6.7, next.

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