periya thirumozhi – 4.5.3 – mAththozhil madanga

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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mAththozhil madangach cheRRu maRudhiRa nadandhu vanthAL
sEththozhil sidhaiththup pinnai sevvith thOL puNarndha endhai
nAththozhil maRai vallArgaL nayandhu aRam payandha vaNkaith
thIththozhil payilum nAngUrth thirumaNikkUdaththAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

mA – kESi, the demon’s
thozhil – act
madanga – to be controlled
seRRu – killed
marudhu – marudha trees
iRa – to break
nadandhu – crawled in between those
van – strong
thAL – having feet
sE – bulls
thozhil – act
sidhaiththu – destroyed
pinnai – nappinnaip pirAtti’s
sevvi – beautiful
thOL – with shoulders
puNarndha – one who embraced
endhai – my lord
nA thozhil – the act of the tongue, adhyayanam (learning/reciting) which was done
maRai – vEdhams
vallArgaL – brAhmaNas who can handle
nayandhu – eagerly
dharmaththai – conducted
vaN – generous
kai – with the hands
thI thozhil – fire rituals
payilum – conducting
nAngUr – present in thirunAngUr
thirumaNik kUdaththAn – is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.

Simple translation

My lord killed kESi, the demon, to have his acts controlled, crawled in between the two marudha trees to break those, and embraced the beautiful shoulders of nappinnaip pirAtti by destroying the acts of the bulls which had strong feet; such emperumAn is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam where brAhmaNas who are experts in vEdhams,which are recited by the tongue, eagerly conduct dharmam and who conduct fire rituals with their generous hands, are residing.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mAththozhil … – my lord who killed kESi to control his acts, broke the marudha trees by crawling through those trees while learning to walk, destroyed the acts of the bulls which were having strong feet as if he were knocking down sand-castles and embraced nappinnaip pirAtti’s beautiful/fresh shoulders.

nAththozhil … – Experts of vEdhams, with the ability of the tongue, would conduct fire rituals with their generous hands which eagerly conducted dharmam. If we read “thIththozhil” to be “bad acts”, it will be contrary as saying “One who is good in conduct became devoid of good conduct”. Hence it should be taken as acts involving fire. After performing adhyayanam (learning of vEdham), they will engage in karma (actions) which are ordained in such vEdham. Having learnt vEdham, since they are merciful towards others, they will remain compassionate towards the suffering persons; with their hands, which conduct dharmam, they will engage in three types of fire viz dhakshiNAgni, AhavanIyam and thrEthAgni. Just as learning of vEdhams and conducting themselves as per vEdham are the routine for the residents of thirumaNikkUdam, emperumAn has destruction of enemies as his routine.

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