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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kalai ilangum agalalgul arakkar kulak kodiyaik
kAdhodu mUkkudan ariyak kadhaRi avaL Odi
thalaiyil angai vaiththu malai ilangai pugach cheydha
thadandhOLan magizhndhu inidhu maruvi uRai kOyil
silai ilangu maNimAdaththu uchchi misaich chUlam
sezhungoNdal agadiriyach chorindha sezhumuththam
malai ilangu mALigai mEl maliveydhu nAngUr
vaigundha viNNagaram vaNangu mada nenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

ilangum kalai – having shining clothes
agal algul – having wide thighs
arakkar kulam – born in demoniac clan
kodiyai – sUrpaNakA who is having creeper like waist, her
kAdhodu mUkku – ear and nose
udan ariya – severing at once
avaL – she
kadhaRi – crying out loudly
thalaiyil – on her head
am kai vaiththu – placing her beautiful hand
Odi – ran
malai – present atop the mountain
ilangai pugach cheydha – made her to enter lankA
thadam thOLan – chakravarthith thirumagan who has mighty shoulders
magizhndhu – with joy
inidhu – to be sweet for the devotees
maruvi uRai kOyil – eternally residing without any other expectation
silai ilangu – shining
maNi mAdaththu – homes studded with gems
uchchi misai – atop the tall roofs
sUlam – tridents
sezhum koNdal – rich clouds’
agadu iriya – tearing the bottom portion of their stomach

(at once)
sorindha – delivered
sezhu muththam – beautiful pearls
malai ilangu – shining like a mountain
mALigai mEl – atop the mansions
malivu eydhu – present as heaps
nAngUr – in thirunAngUr
vaigundha viNNagaram – vaigundha viNNagaram
vaNangu – worship
mada nenjE – Oh humble heart!

Simple translation

chakravarthith thirumagan, who has mighty shoulders, at once severed the ears and nose of sUrpaNakA who is born in demoniac clan, having wide thighs, creeper-like waist, and made her cry out loudly, place her hands on her head and run towards lankA which is present atop the mountain and enter there; he is joyfully and eternally residing without any other expectation, to be sweet for his devotees, in vaigundha viNNagaram in thirunAngUr. Oh humble heart! Worship such abode where the tridents placed atop the tall roofs of the homes, which are studded with shining gems, are tearing the bottom portion of the rich clouds’ stomach which made them deliver beautiful pearls which are present as heaps atop the mansions which are shining like a mountain.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kalai … – sUrpaNakA who appeared with shining clothes on her wide thigh region and is celebrated by the whole demoniac clan. She appeared presenting her clothes and femininity.

kAdhu … – He eliminated her assumed form and made her regain her real form.

kadhaRi … – Subsequently, emperumAn who has mighty shoulders made her cry out, place her hand on her head and run towards lankA which is atop the mountain and enter there. His eternal abode.

silai … – “silai” is a synonym for “vil“. vil (bow) indicates light; the trident which is seen atop the gem studded mansions  which are studded with shining gems. This is how the homes are in this town. The clouds will gather pearls from the ocean and move slowly without being able to move swiftly; the tridents atop the palaces will tear the bottom of the stomach of the clouds; the clouds which are ready to shower, will pour the pearls.

malai ilangu mALigai mEl malivu eydhum – At that time, the pearls are heaped to make it appear as if one mountain is standing on another.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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