periya thirumozhi – 3.5.7 – ulavu thirai

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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ulavu thiraik kadal paLLi koNdu vandhu un adiyEn manam pugundha ap
pulava! puNNiyanE! pugundhAyaip pOgal ottEn
nilavu malarp punnai nAzhal nIzhal thaN thAmarai malarin misai mali
alavan kaN padukkum aNiyAli ammAnE!

Word-by-Word meanings

nilavu – always blossoming
malar – having abundance of flowers
punnai – punnai tree
nAzhal – palini tree (their)
nIzhal – in the shade
thaN – cool
thAmarai malarin misai – on the lotus flower
mali alavan – huge male crabs
kaN padukkum – resting
aNi Ali ammAnE – Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli!
thirai ulavu – having rising waves
kadal – in thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi)
paLLi koNdu – mercifully reclined
un adiyEn – (subsequently) I, your servitor, my
manam – in heart
vandhu pugundha – you who entered as if it is your benefit
ap pulava – Oh that omniscient lord!
puNNiyanE – Oh my good deed!
pugundhAyai – You who entered unconditionally
pOgalottEn – will not let go.

Simple translation

Oh lord of beautiful thiruvAli where huge male crabs are resting on the cool lotus flower which are present under the shade of punnai tree and palini trees which are always having abundance of blossoming flowers! Mercifully reclined in thiruppARkadal which is having rising waves, you entered my heart, your servitor, as if it is your benefit. Oh such omniscient lord! Oh my good deed! I will not let you, who entered unconditionally, go.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

ulavu … – Mercifully reclining in thiruppARkadal where the waves are moving around; you mercifully reclined there, to find an opportunity to enter my heart. Once you got such an opportunity when I didn’t reject you, and I became qualified to have you, you entered my heart.

ap pulava – Are you not specially knowledgeable! Won’t you know when to enter?

puNNiyanE – For me, who has no means to attain you, you remain the good deed!

pugundhAyaip pOgal ottEn – After you arrived and entered voluntarily, I will not let you go any more.

nilavu … – On the lotus flower under the shade of punnai and nAzhal trees which are having ever-blossoming flowers.

mali alavan kaN padukkum – Huge male crab which can fill the whole area, without realising anything else (such as being together with its spouse), due to availability of the beautiful mattress, would sleep there. Due to being present in the divine abode, the activities of the animals are not different from those of vayalAli maNavALan, for AzhwAr.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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