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periya thirumozhi >> Second centum >> Ninth decad

Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sollu van soRporuL thAnavaiyAych
chuvai URu oli nARRamum thORRamumAy
nallaran nAnmugan nAraNanukku idandhAn
thadam sUzhndhu azhagAya kachchi
pallavan villavan enRu ulagil
palarAyp pala vEndhar vaNangu kazhal
pallavan mallaiyar kOn paNindha
paramEchchura viNNagaram adhuvE

Word-by-Word meanings

sollu – word
van sol – (more than that) the vEdham which is difficult to attain
poruL – meanings of vEdham
avai – for those
thAn Ay – being the controller
suvaiyum – taste
URum – touch
oliyum – sound
nARRamum – fragrance
thORRamum – for form which is seen by eyes
Ay – being the controller
nal – being the benefactor
aran – being the antharyAmi for rudhra who destroys
nAraNan – being nArAyaNa (who protects in his original form)
nAnmuganukku – for sarvESvaran who is the antharyAmi of brahmA who creates
idam thAn – the abode
thadam – by ponds
sUzhndhu – being surrounded
azhagAya – being beautiful
kachchi – in kAnchi town
pallavan enRu – known as pallavan
villavan enRu – and known as villavan
palarAy – countless
ulagil – who ruled in this world
pala vEndhar – many kings
vaNangu – worship
kazhal – having brave feet
mallaiyar – for the residents of thirukkadalmallai which is known as mallApuri
kOn – king
pallavan – one who is known as pallavan
paNindha – surrendered
paramEchchura viNNagaram – paramESvara viNNagaram

Simple translation

sarvESvaran is the controller of words, the vEdham which is difficult to attain and the meanings of vEdham; he is the controller of taste, touch, sound, fragrance and form which is seen by eyes; being the antharyAmi, he is the controller of rudhra who destroys and who is a benefactor; he is the antharyAmi of brahmA who creates; the abode for such sarvESvaran is paramESvara viNNagaram which is in the beautiful town kAnchI which is surrounded by ponds; this dhivyadhESam is surrendered by the king known as pallavan who is having brave feet and is the king for the residents of thirukkadalmallai which is known as mallApuri, and who is worshipped by countless kings who ruled in this world namely pallavan, villavan et al.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sollu – The words which can reveal the meaning of what is not seen through sense perception etc.

van sol – The vEdham which is eternal in comparison with the worldly words.

poruL – The meanings of vEdham which are difficult to grasp.

thAn avai Ay – being the controller for those.

suvai … – Being the controller for Sabdham (sound) etc which are to be pursued by those who desire for aiSvaryam (worldly wealth) which is one of the goals revealed in vEdham.

suvai … – taste, touch, sound, fragrance, form which is target of eyes.

nal aran … – AzhwAr is saying that emperumAn is the cause for creation etc of universe which is to be pursued by those who seek liberation.

nal aran – Being the antharyAmi of rudhra who destroys the world as a noble act for the AthmAs who are suffering due to their karma, just as a father will keep a rogue child shackled in his hands and feet; protecting the AthmAs, remaining in his original form; being the antharyAmi of brahmA, sarvESvaran who creates; the abode of such sarvESvaran is.

thadam … – In kAnchI which is surrounded by good water bodies.

pallavan … – In those days, there were kings named pallavan, villavan et al. emperumAn is having the divine feet to be worshipped by those kings and their relatives.

mallaiyar … – thirukkadalmallai is his capital city; paramESvara viNNagaram which is surrendered by such king, named pallavan.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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