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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sempon ilangu valangai vALi
thiN silai thaNdodu sangamoL vAL
umbar irusudar AzhiyOdu
kEdagam oNmalar paRRi eRRE!
vembu sinaththu adal vEzham vIzha
veNmarupponRu paRiththu iruNda
ambudham pOnRu ivarAr kol? enna
attabuyagaraththEn enRArE

Word-by-Word meanings

valam kai – in his divine right hand
ilangu – shining
sem pon – made of fresh gold
vALi – arrows
thiN – strong
silai – bow
thaNdodu – mace
sangam – SrI pAnchajanyam, the conch
oL – shining
vAL – divine dagger
umbar – greater than (all other weapons)
iru sudar – having great radiance
Azhiyodu – with the chakkaraththAzhwAr (the disc)
kEdagam – shield
oL – beautiful
malar – flower
paRRi – holding
eRRE – wow!
vembu sinam – great anger
adal – strength
vEzham – kuvalayApIdam, the elephant
vIzha – to be killed
veL maruppu onRu – a white tusk
paRiththu – broke
iruNda – being dark due to abundance of water
ambudham pOnRa – like a cloud
ivar Ar kol? enna – when asked “Who is he?”
attabuyagaraththEn – I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram
enRAr – mercifully said

Simple translation

emperumAn is holding shining arrows which are made of gold in his right hand, strong bow, mace, SrI pAnchajanyam (the conch), shining dagger, the effulgent chakkaraththAzhwAr (the disc), shield and the beautiful flower; wow! He broke one of the whitish tusks to kill the very angry and strong elephant named kuvalayApIdam ; when he, who resembles a cloud which is dark due to abundant presence of water, was asked “Who is he?” he mercifully said “I am the lord of thiruvattabuyagaram”.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sem pon … – His divine weapons are useful when he rises with great anger against the enemies and when he attracts helpless women.

sem pon ilangu valangai vALi – SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 16.22 “dhIptha pAvaka SankASai:” – the arrows don’t look the same when they are in his hands and when they are shot at someone; when they are shot at some one, they will come with blazing fire. Sithai: – unlike other arrows, when these arrows come in contact with the target, the target cannot bear the heat and will get burnt. kAnchana bhUshaNai: – there is an area which will even win over me who is favourable. nathvAm ichchAmi aham dhrashtum – I am telling you out of brotherly affection; rAmENa nihatham Sarai: – A pond would allow someone to kill oneself there or to quench one’s thirst; similarly I don’t desire for you to die being a target of his arrow instead of enjoying his beauty.

sem pon … – His divine hand will look attractive even without any decoration; on top of that his hand has golden arrows. The arrows look attractive due to their natural beauty and due to the way they are held by him.

thiN silai – Even after launching the bow a few times on the enemies, it will not become tired.

thaNdu – Similar mace.

sangam oLvAL – The dagger which looks beautiful due to the way it is held.

umbar … – With the divine chakra which is having great radiance due to being the leader of the weapons.

kEdagam – Shield.

oL malar – The flower which is a tool to vanquish helpless girls, like kAma (manmadha) will do.

eRRE – Wow!

vembu … – To kill kuvalayApIdam which was very angry and was set out to fight, he broke the tusk which was whitish in colour, contrary to his own colour. When such emperumAn was asked “Who is he?”

His subsequent words.

attabuyagaraththEn … – He said “I have not just eliminated the fear of the ladies in the capital city of kamsa by killing the kuvalayApIdam which was sent by kamsa; I have come here and am standing here to eliminate your fear”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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