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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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pichchach chiRu peelich chamaN kuNdar mudhalAyOr
vichchaikkiRai ennum avviRaiyaip paNiyAdhE
kachchik kidandhavanUr kadalmallaith thalasayanam
nachchith thozhuvArai nachchu endhan nannenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

pichcham – bunch of peacock wings
siRu – small
peeli – having peacock feather
samaN guNdar – the lowly amaNas (jainas)
mudhalAyOr – et al
vichchaikku – for all knowledge
iRai ennum – will have someone as the controller;
avviRaiyai – such person who is established by them
paNiyAdhu – without surrendering unto

(for the sake of devotees)
kachchi – in thiruvehkA
kidandhavan – one who is mercifully reclining in
Ur – the abode (where emperumAn arrived for the sake of his devotee, puNdarIka)
kadal mallaith thala sayanam – (mercifully reclining) in sthalasayanam in thirukkadalmallai
nachchi – desiring
thozhuvArai – those who worship
endhan – my
nenjE – Oh mind!
nachchu – (you too) desire and worship

Simple translation

People such as the lowly amaNas having bunch of peacock wings and small peacock feather, have someone as the controller for acquiring knowledge. Oh my mind! You desire and worship those who desire and worship one who is mercifully reclining in thiruvehkA and is doing the same in stahalasayanam in thirukkadalmallai, without surrendering unto such controllers of other groups.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pichchach chiRu peeli samaN kuNdar – Assuming the form of favourable persons (devotees) such as holding a bunch of peacock wings and holding a peacock feather branch in another hand, they will make people think “How righteous are these people!”

samaN kuNdar – The lowly people who have taken up the amaNa philosophy. kuNdu – deep. Indicates the depth of lowliness. The lowly persons who reject vEdham.

mudhalAyOr – Others starting with them. Here AzhwAr is referring to baudhdhas and lOkAyathas.

vichchaikku iRai ennum – While they reject bhagavAn who is revealed exclusively and fully through vEdham, they will imagine a new lord who is omniscient; now, they will have to search for authentic scriptures to prove that lord is indeed omniscient; they will try to prove that with their own words; subsequently the unauthentic nature of such works will be exposed; in this manner, they will have someone as the controller of knowledge.

avviRaiyaip paNiyAdhE – AzhwAr is saying avviRai (that god) keeping his face away from them [showing dislike].

paNiyAdhE – Not surrendering unto him [their lord] and following him, considering them to be trustworthy.

kachchi … – For the sake of his devotees, emperumAn reclined in thiruvehkA in opposite direction and having the opposite hand as head rest. thirukkadalmallai is the abode where he is mercifully reclining on the ground for the sake of his devotee, puNdarIka. The abode which is considered by bhagavAn as the ultimate destination.

nachchith thozhuvArai – Instead of worshipping as a duty while having the mind elsewhere, those who consider the result of their desire is to worship him. Show friendship towards those who worship thirukkadalmallai considering the greatness of such worship.

endhan nal nenjE – [Oh mind!] I am telling this due to my desire. I need not tell this to you who have greater desire towards him irrespective of my instruction. Am I showing the path to you who shows me the path? SrI vishNu purANam 6.7.28 “mana Eva manushyANAm kAraNam bandha mOkshayO:” (mind is the main reason for a man’s bondage and liberation).

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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