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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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udamburuvil mUnRonRAy mUrththi vERAy ulaguyya ninRAnai anRu pEychchi
vidam parugu viththaganaik kanRu mEyththu viLaiyAda vallAnai varaimIkAnil
thadam parugu karumugilaith thanjaikkOyil thava neRikku Or peru neRiyai vaiyam kAkkum
kadum pari mEl kaRkiyai nAn kaNdu koNdEn kadipozhil sUzh kadalmallaith thalasayanaththE

Word-by-Word meanings

udambu – body’s
uruvil – in the form
mUnRu – three
ulagu uyya – for the protection of the world
onRAy – in a singular form
mUrththi – true nature
vERAy – being different
ninRAnai – one who stands
anRu – during krishNAvathAram
pEychchi – pUthanA’s
vidam – poisonous milk
parugu – one who drank
viththaganai – amazing
kanRu – calves
mEyththu – tended
viLaiyAda vallAnai – one who incarnated to play
varaimI – atop the hill
kAnil – in the forests
thadam – in the ponds, to train the calves to drink water, he would demonstrate that by folding his hands in the back
parugu – one who mercifully drinks water
karumugilai – one who resembles a dark cloud
thanjaik kOyil – one who is mercifully present in thanjaimAmaNikkOyil
thava neRikku – among the upAyams (means) (which are pursued to attain him)
Or peru neRiyai – one who remains the greatest means
vaiyam – all the worlds
kAkkum – to protect
kadu – having great speed
pari mEl – on the horse
kaRkiyai – one who mercifully incarnated as kalki
kadi – guarded
pozhil – garden
sUzh – surrounded
thalasayanam – sthala sayanam (where he rests on the ground)
kadal mallai – in thirukkadalmallai
nAn kaNdu koNdEn – I got to see

Simple translation

emperumAn stands in three forms of bodies, but having true nature which is different in a singular manner; during krishNAvathAram, he is the amazing one who drank the poisonous milk of pUthanA; he incarnated to tend and play with the calves; in the forests atop the hill, he mercifully drinks water in the ponds, to train the calves to drink water, he would demonstrate that by folding his hands in the back; he resembles a dark cloud; he is mercifully present in thanjaimAmaNikkOyil; he remains the greatest means among the means to attain him; he mercifully incarnated as kalki appearing on the horse which is having great speed, to protect the worlds; I got to see such emperumAn in sthala sayanam in thirukkadalmallai which is surrounded by guarded garden.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

udamburuvil mUnRu onRAy – In view of body, in the form of body, having three forms which are the same. Being in his true form [as vishNu] and being antharyAmi (indwelling supersoul) for brahmA and rudhra, in this manner, as all three are different forms of bhagavAn, they are singular in this point of view.

mUrththi vERAy … – In this manner, all three forms are similar; emperumAn too in SrI bhagavath gIthA first spoke about aikyam (singularity) in 5.18 “samadharSina:” (see the same AthmA everywhere) and sAmyam (equality) in 5.19 “yEshAm sAmyE sthitham mana:” (one who firmly remains in equality of all AthmAs). Why is he present in this manner? He is standing in this manner for protection during srushti (creation), sthithi (sustenance) and samhAram (annihilation).

anRu pEychchi vidam parugu viththaganai – In the created world, emperumAn incarnated as the amazing krishNa and drank the poisoned milk of pUthanA. What is amazing here? Drinking her life along with the poison from her bosom to kill her; alternative explanation – though she came in the disguise of his mother, by the taste of the milk from her bosom, he understood that she was not his mother and consumed her life.

kanRu … – SrIvishNu purANam 5.6.35 “sarvasya jagatha: pAlau vathsapAlau babhUvathu:” (krishNa and balarAma, who protect the whole world, became the protectors of calves).

varaimI … – bhattar’s explanation for this section is very popular. When nanjIyar was explaining this section, piLLai azhagiya maNavALap perumAL araiyar mercifully reminded him about bhattar’s explanation. Being tired, when the calves reach the ponds on top of the hill, they will be scared to drink the water since they are young and do not know how to drink. To train them, krishNa will fold his hands in the back side and mercifully drink water from the pond with his mouth. AzhwAr is speaking about the acts of emperumAn which match the cowherd clan.

thanjai … – To protect all the worlds, he arrived and stood at the great thanjai mA maNik kOyil.

thava neRikku Or peru neRiyai – One who remains the greatest means among the means to attain him. One who helps even if a person goes through wrong ways, and brings him back. The means which will never fail.

vaiyam … – To protect the whole world, he climbs on very fast horse, and is having the form to crush the enemies under the horse’s feet. pari – motion; the great horse which has fast motion.

kadi … – AzhwAr is saying “I have become the target of the protection of emperumAn who protects the entire world”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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