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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pUNdavaththam piRarkkadaindhu thoNdu pattup poynUlai meynUl enRu enRum Odhi
mANdu avaththam pOgAdhE vammin endhai en vaNangappaduvAnai kaNangaL Eththum
nINdavaththaik karumugilai emmAn thannai ninRavUr niththilaththaith thoththAr sOlaik
kANdavaththaik kanal eri vAyp peyviththAnaik kaNdadhu nAn kadalmallaith thalasayanaththE

Word-by-Word meanings

avaththam – some useless acts
pUNdu – taking up
piRarkku – for lowly people
adaindhu – holding on (to them)
thoNdupattu – serving
poy – false
nUlai – scriptures of those who reject vEdham
Odhi – learning (those)
mey nUl enRum – believing to be true meanings
mANdu – being finished
avaththam – useless
pOgAmal – not becoming
vammin – come (to become liberated);
endhai – being my father
en – for those who are like me
vaNangap paduvAnai – one who is easily approachable and surrendered to
kaNangaL – by the groups of wise people
Eththum – one who is praised
nINda aththai – being that entity which is inconceivable
karumugilai – one who has dark cloud like complexion
ninRavUr – in thiruninRavUr
niththilaththai – one who has a cool form like a collection of pearls
thoththu – flower bunches
Ar – being abundant
sOlai – having garden
kANdavaththai – kANdava forest
kanal – shining
eri – fire’s
vAy – in the mouth
peyviththAnai – one who made to enter
emmAn thannai – sarvESvaran
thalasayanam – sthala sayanam (where he rests on the ground)
kadal mallai – in thirukkadalmallai
nAn kaNdadhu – I got to see

Simple translation

Come here giving up holding on to service to lowly people, taking up useless acts and learning the scriptures of those who reject vEdham, believing them to be true, instead of perishing and becoming useless. Being my father, and being easily approachable and surrendered to for those who are like me, and being praised by the groups of wise people, being the inconceivable entity, who is having dark cloud like complexion, having a cool form like a collection of pearls in thiruninRavUr, sarvESvaran made kANdava forest which has gardens with abundant bunches of flowers, enter into the mouth of fire. I got to see such sarvESvaran in thirukkadalmallai sthala sayanam.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pUNdavaththamavaththam pUNdu – Taking up useless acts. Ignoring the association with sAthvika (noble) people and the desire to attain goals as outlined in vEdham, taking up useless acts.

piRarkku adaindhu thoNdu pattu – Being humble towards inapt aspects as if remaining towards apt aspect (bhagavAn). Worshipping those who are not to be worshipped.

poyn nUlai … – Eagerly learning the scriptures created by those who cause confusion and those who are confused, with their intelligence, and subsequently perishing, being unable to retract analysing and knowing their true nature.

avaththam pOgAdhE – Instead of becoming useless in both this world and the other (superior) world.

vammin – Oh losers! Quickly come and stand here.

endhai en vaNangap paduvAnai – Being my father, being easily approachable by me.

kaNangaL … –  The inconceivable entity who is praised by wise people. Alternatively,

nINda vaththak karumugilai – One who has nINda hastham (one who has lengthy hand).

emmAn thannai – He was captivated by the same aspect which won over thiruvadi (hanuman).  SrI rAmAyaNam kishkindhA kANdam 3.14 “kimartham na vibhUshithA:” (Why are the shoulders not decorated?)

ninRa Ur … – One who is standing in thiruninRavUr like a rejuvenating bunch of pearls.

thoththAr .. – Making the kANdava forest which is having garden with abundance of flower-bunches to enter into the shining mouth of fire. When arjuna and krishNa were playing soft ball, agni bhagavAn came there saying “I am hungry”, krishNa let agni consume the forest under his watch. indhra became angry and poured heavy rain and arjuna made a protective layer on top of the forest with his arrows and the water fell off.

kaNdadhu – Just as it rained during the forest fire, I got to see emperumAn in this samsAra where I am suffering.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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