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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kANdA vanam enbadhOr kAdu amararkkaraiyan adhu kaNdavan niRka munE
mUNdAr azhal uNNa munindhadhuvum adhuvanRiyum munnulagam poRai thIrthu
ANdAn avuNan avan mArbagalam ugirAl vagirAga munindhu ariyAy
nINdAn kuRaLAgi nimirndhavanukku idam mAmalaiyAvadhu nIrmalaiyE

Word-by-Word meanings

amararkku araiyan adhu – the leader of dhEvathAs, indhra, his
Or – which cannot be destroyed by anyone
kANdA vanam enbadhu – which is known as kANdava vanam
kAdu – forest
avan – indhra himself
kaNdu niRka – while he was observing
munE – in front of him
Ar – complete
azhal – fire
mUNdu – eagerly
uNNa – to consume
munindhadhuvum – mercifully showed his anger
adhu anRiyum – further
mun – during mahAbhAratha battle
ulagam – earth’s
poRai – burden
thIrththu – eliminated
ANdAn – one who protected the world
avuNan avan – hiraNya, the demon, his
agalam – broad
mArbu – chest
ugirAl – with nails
vagirAga – to split into two parts
munindhu – mercifully showed anger
ariyAy – in the form of a lion
nINdAn – one who grew
kuRaLAgi – being in the form of vAmana (as a dwarf, after going to mahAbAli and accepting water from him)
nimirndhavanukku – for sarvESvaran who incarnated as thrivikrama
idam Avadhu – the abode
mA – best
malai – hill
nIr malai – thirunIrmalai

Simple translation

sarvESvaran mercifully showed his anger to have the complete fire eagerly consume the leader of dhEvathAs, indhra’s forest which is known as kANdava vanam which cannot be destroyed by anyone, in front of him while he was observing; further, during mahAbhAratha battle he eliminated earth’s burden and protected the earth; one who grew in the form of a lion and mercifully showed his anger to split the broad chest of hiraNya, the demon, with his nails into two parts; the abode for sarvESvaran who incarnated as thrivikrama from being in the form of vAmana, is thirunIrmalai, the best hill.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kANdA vanam … – kANdava vanam – forest under indhra’s protection, and cannot be destroyed by anyone. While arjuna and krishNa were playing with a soft ball, agni bhagavAn came and requested “Please give me a feast”; krishNa told him “You consume the forest under the protection of indhra” and let him consume it since demoniac entities had entered in that forest and krishNa wanted them to be destroyed; that is being explained here. amararkku araiyan – leader of dhEvathAs, indhra. While he was seeing, in his presence it was destroyed.

mUNdAr azhal uNNa munindhadhuvum adhu anRiyum – The fire which would at times become pale and withdraw, would show anger and consume eagerly, and further. Alternative explanation – mUNdAr – those who opposed; i.e. to have the enemies burn.

mun ulagam … – One who previously eliminated the burden of earth and managed it. He mercifully showed anger and tore into the broad chest of the demoniac hiraNya to split it into two parts.

ariyAy nINdAn … – Had he not incarnated at the same moment when prahlAdha vowed, and helped prahlAdha, it appears that his qualities would have had limits [now by this incarnation, his qualities grew in a limitless manner].

kuRaL … – bhagavAn who is greater than all, assumed the vAmana form and went to mahAbali and begged for alms from him; on having the water touch his divine hand, he grew greatly to fill the space in the sky and measured the same. The abode of such emperumAn is thirunIrmalai.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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