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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pAviyAdhu seydhAy en nenjamE! paNdu thoNdu seydhArai maNmisai
mEvi AtkoNdu pOy visumbERa vaikkum endhai
kOvi nAyagan koNdalundhuyar vEngada malaiyANdu vAnavarkku
AviyAy iruppARku adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

en nenjamE – Oh my mind!
pAviyAdhu – without fumbling
seydhAy – you did;
paNdu – previously
thoNdu seydhArai – (to uplift) those who served
maNmisai – on earth
mEvi – mercifully incarnated
AL koNdu – engaging (them) in service
pOy – carrying them (in archirAdhi mArgam (the path leading to paramapadham) from here)
visumbu ERa vaikkum – one who places in paramapadham
kOvi nAyagan – being dear to SrI gOpikAs
endhai – being my lord
koNdal – clouds
undhu – pushing
uyar – tall
vEngada malaiyilE – on thirumalA
ANdu – ruling over both nithya and leelA vibhUthis
vAnavarkku – for nithyasUris
AviyAy iruppARku – for the one who is the life
adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – you are engaged in serving him!

Simple translation

Oh my mind! emperumAn mercifully incarnated on this earth to uplift those who previously served, by accepting their service, carrying them in archirAdhi mArgam and placing them in paramapadham; being dear to SrI gOpikAs, being my lord, he is the life of nithyasUris; he is remaining on the tall thirumalA which is pushing clouds, and is ruling over both nithya and leelA vibhUthis. You are engaged in serving him! You have done this without fumbling.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pAviyAdhu … – Instead of wavering between “Should I do that? Or Should I do this?”, you are firmly believing in this [service to him]! What a great fortune! Alternative explanation. [bhAviyAdhadhu seydhAy] It is natural to be engaged in samsAram! Instead of analysing “Should we engage in Sabdham etc [worldly pleasures]? Or should we do bhagavath kainkaryam?” you are firmly engaging in kainkaryam! I got all this favour due to you [mind] only.

paNdu … – The lord who would incarnate in this samsAram to uplift those who served him previously, to be called by them as “He is my friend”, “He is my cousin”, created kainkarya ruchi (taste for kainkaryam) in them, accepted their service, and placed them in paramapadham to have such kainkaryam occur continuously without any break.

kOvi nAyagan – One who mingles with his devotees as he mingled with SrI gOpikAs.

koNdal undhu uyar vEngadam – Having thirumalA as his abode which has peaks which have grown tall enough to push the clouds over.

vAnavar … – As said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 7.18gyAni thvAthmaiva mE matham” (but the gyAni is the one who sustains (me) – this is my principle), have you also become the life of the one who has gyAnis as his life?

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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