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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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iNdaiyAyina koNdu thoNdargaL EththuvAr uRavOdum vAnidaik
koNdu pOyidavum adhu kaNden nenjam enbAy!
vaNdu vAzh vada vEngada malai kOyil koNdu adhanOdum mImisai
aNdam ANdiruppARku adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

en nenjam enbAy – Oh favourable mind!
iNdaiyAyina – known as flower garlands
koNdu – carrying
EththuvAr – those who are praising
thoNdargaL – servitors
uRavOdum – along with their relatives
koNdu pOy – carrying from here
vAnidai – in paramapadham
ida – placed
adhu kaNdu – to see that simplicity
vaNdu – beetles
vAzh – living gloriously
vada vEngada malai – thirumalA
kOyil koNdu – having it as his abode
adhanOdum – with the leelA vibhUthi (samsAram) which includes that thirumalA
mImisai aNdam – and nithya vibhUthi which is known as paramAkASam (supreme sky)
ANdu iruppARku – to the one who rules over
adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – you are engaged in serving him!

Simple translation

Oh favourable mind! As emperumAn carried those servitors who were carrying flower garlands and praising him along with their relatives from here and placed in paramapadham, seeing that, the beetles are living gloriously on thirumalA; you are engaged in serving such sarvESvaran who is having such thirumalA as his abode and is ruling over the leelA vibhUthi which includes that thirumalA and nithya vibhUthi which is known as paramAkASam.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

iNdai … – iNdai is a name for flower garland. Thus, carrying those which are known as flower garlands, as said in thiruvAimozhi 4.7.8eNdisaiyum uLLa pUk koNdu” (Bringing the flowers from eight directions).

thoNdargaL EththuvAr – bhagavAn’s servitors are carrying flower garlands in their hands and praising with their mouths; their,

uRavOdum vAn idaik koNdu pOy idavum – Along with their relatives and the relatives of those relatives. Thinking about his simplicity of carrying and placing everyone irrespective of those who are surrendered or not [just by their connection with surrendered persons] in nithya vibhUthi, [AzhwAr says] oh my mind! While we are fearing that we may lose even our existence in this world, you are having the desire to go and serve him in paramapadham! [How great of you!]

vaNdu … – Beetles are drinking the honey and living joyfully in thirumalA; having such thirumalA as his abode.

adhanOdum mImisai aNdam ANdiruppArku – sarvESvaran who owns both nithya vibhUthi and leelA vibhUthi. aNdam is a name for sky. When asked “is it simply said as ‘aNdam’? “AzhwAr is saying “mImisai aNdam” indicating that it is paramapadham which is much higher than svargam etc. paramapadham is also known as mahAkASam, paramAkASam. Hence, for sarvESvaran who owns ubhaya vibhUthi (both nithya vibhUthi and leelA vibhUthi).

adimaith thozhil pUNdAyE – In a way, you have fulfilled the desire of avApth samastha kAman (one who has no unfulfilled desires). He did not consider his wealth of ubhaya vibhUthi as worthy before entering thirumalA and accepting AzhwAr’s service. Though very wealthy, while losing a small portion of his wealth, such person will eagerly search the ground even resulting in his hand getting dirty, when it is just a coin falling down [similarly, bhagavAn having both vibhUthis before accepting AzhwAr’s service, decided to enter thirumalA only in order to attain AzhwAr].

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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