periya thirumozhi – 1.10.6 – mannA immanisap

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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mannA immanisap piRaviyai nIkkith
thannAkkith than in aruL seyyum thalaivan
minnAr mugilsEr thiruvEngadam mEya
ennAnai ennappan en nenjiluLAnE

Word-by-Word meanings

mannA – impermanent
i – this
manisap piRaviyai – human birth
nIkki – eliminating
than – for him
Akki – having as a servitor
than – his
in aruL – great mercy
seyyum – showering
thalaivan – having leadership
min – by lightning
Ar – filled with
mugil – clouds
sEr – have gathered and are residing
thiruvEngadam – on thirumalA
mEya – firmly residing
en – to give enjoyment to me
Anai – having a beautiful form like an elephant
en – for me
appan – being great benefactor
en – my
nenjilE – in heart
uLAn – is eternally residing.

Simple translation

Eliminating this impermanent human birth, having me as a servitor, showering his great mercy, having leadership, to give enjoyment to me, emperumAn is firmly residing on thirumalA where clouds filled with lightning have gathered and are residing. Having a beautiful form like an elephant, being a great benefactor for me, he is eternally residing in my heart.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mannA … – Relieving me from this impermanent human birth.

thannAkki – Making me at par with him; alternatively – making me exist for him. muNdaka upanishath 3.2.3 “niranjana: paramam sAmyamupaithi” (after attaining him, they (jIvAthmAs) get his qualities in the same measure).

than in aruL … – One who has the leadership to do everything and still feel that he has not done much and hence will shower his mercy as if he is doing it for his sake.

min Ar … – The combination of cloud and lightning resembles the combination of pirAtti [bright in complexion] and him [dark in complexion].

en Anai – One who is always watchable.

en appan – One who is great benefactor for me.

When asked “What favour was done to you?” AzhwAr says,

en nenjil uLAnE – After having entered my heart, he is not leaving from there.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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