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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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maNNAy nIr eri kAl manjulAvum AgAsamumAm
puNNAr Akkai thannuL pulambith thaLarndhu eyththozhindhEn
viNNAr neeL sigara viraiyAr thiruvEngadavA!
aNNA! vandhadaindhEn adiyEnai AtkoNdaruLE

Word-by-Word meanings

viN – sky
Ar – to touch
nIL – tall
sigaram – peaks
virai – fragrance
Ar – having
thiruvEngadavA – Oh one who has thirumalA as your abode!
aNNA – Oh one has all types of relationships!
maNNAy – being earth
nIrAy – being water
eriyAy – being fire
kAlAy – being air
manju – clouds
ulAvum – roaming
AkAsamumAm – being sky, hence, being made of the five great elements
puN Ar – resembling a wound
Akkai thannuL – (being held captive) in the body
pulambi – calling out
thaLarndhu – becoming weakened
eyththu ozhindhEn – I who have become very tired
vandhu adaindhEn – I came and surrendered;
adiyEnai At koNdu aruL – kindly accept my service.

Simple translation

Oh one who has thirumalA which has tall peaks reaching sky and fragrance, as your abode! Oh one has all types of relationships! Being held captive in the body which is made of five great elements namely earth, water, fire, air and sky which has clouds roaming in it, resembling a wound, I called out and became weakened. I who have become very tired, came and surrendered. Kindly accept my service.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

maNNAy … – Just as a prince who becomes [accidentally] associated with a hunter [and raised by him], starts thinking himself to be a hunter, AthmA who is eternal, identified by knowledge and bliss, singular and subordinate to ISvara, became united with matter (body) due to karma. AthmA which is singular in nature, became captivated in body which keeps changing.

puN Ar Akkai … – Placed in the body as said in thiruvAimozhi 5.1.5puNNai maRaiya varindhu” (concealing the external faults, and surrounding me forever). Wise people will identify this body as a wound as said in “SarIram vraNavath paSyEth” (let him see the body as a wound). Having entered the body and becoming captivated in it, subsequently remained there and called out, and became weak being unable to even do that, finally became very tired.

viN Ar … – Having fragrant thirumalA which is having huge peaks which have grown so tall to reach and fill the sky, to be praised by nithyasUris as in SrIvaikuNtam, as his abode and standing there.

aNNA – Previously he said “appA” (father); here he is saying “aNNA” (elder brother); he considers that emperumAn to be all types of relationships which he abandoned saying in periya thirumozhi 1.9.1thAyE thandhai enRum thAramE kiLai makkaL enRum” (I considered unreal ones as mother, father, wife, relatives and children and experienced disaster).

adiyEnai – When the worthless body is eliminated, my relationship with you is similar to that of nithyasUris with you; hence, you should accept service from me, just as you accept from them.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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