periya thirumozhi – 1.9.5 – eppAvam palavum

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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eppAvam palavum ivaiyE seydhu iLaiththozhindhEn
thuppA! ninnadiyE thodarndhEththavum kiRkinRilEn
seppAr thiNvarai sUzh thiruvEngada mAmalai en
appA! vandhadaindhEn adiyEnai AtkoNdaruLE

Word-by-Word meanings

seppu Ar – like copper which is protective
thiN – firm
varai – by hills
sUzh – surrounded
thiruvEngada mA malai – being the one who is having thirumalA as his abode
en – for followers like me
appA – Oh benefactor!
thuppA – Oh one who is capable!
eppAvam palavum ivaiyE – these many types of sins
seydhu – performed
iLaiththozhindhEn – became sorrowful (on hearing about the results of such sins)
nin adi – your highness’ divine feet
thudarndhu – followed
Eththavum – to surrender with bhakthi
kiRkinRilEn – being incapable
vandhu adaindhEn – I came and surrendered;
adiyEnai At koNdu aruL – kindly accept my service.

Simple translation

Oh benefactor for followers like me who is having thirumalA surrounded by firm hills which are protective like copper, as your abode! Oh one who is capable! Having performed these many types of sins, I became sorrowful and have become incapable to follow and surrender unto your highness’ divine feet; [still] I have come and surrendered; kindly accept my service.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

eppAvam … – After performing five types of sins such as athipAthakam, upapAthakam, mahApAthakam etc, I felt sorrowful thinking about the results of those sins. emperumAn says – though one engages in such great sins, in between due to a good deed, if you acquired taste towards me, you could remain faithful as said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 9.31na mE bhaktha: praNaSyathi” (my devotee never perishes). It is said in SAsthram that even if one has committed great sins, if he acquired purushOththama vidhyA, he will be freed from such sins.

thuppA – Oh one who has the ability to eliminate such sins of those who surrender unto you and protect them.

nin adiyE – I am incapable to firmly surrender unto your divine feet, with devotion.

seppAr … – Oh natural relative who is having thirumalA which is surrounded by firm hills which act like a fort around it, as your abode!

adiyEnai – You should engage me in kainkaryam based on my natural relationship with you instead of engaging me according to my sins.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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