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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram, vanquishing of kara which happened previously [to vanquishing of rAvaNa].


UrAn kudandhai uththaman orukAl irukAl silai vaLaiya
thErA arakkar thEr veLLam seRRAn vaRRA varu punal sUzh
pErAn pErAyiram udaiyAn piRangu siRai vaNdu aRaiginRa
thArAn thArA vayal sUzhndha sALakkirAmam adai nenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

UrAn – one who is having thiruvUragam as his abode
kudandhai – one who is mercifully resting in thirukkudandhai
uththaman – being purushOththama
orukAl – when karan et al came to fight
silai – bow’s
irukAl – both ends
vaLaiya – bent (to show his strength)
thErA – cannot analyse and understand (that he cannot be won by us)
arakkar – rAkshasas’
thEr veLLam – groups of chariots
seRRAn – destroyed them to become pieces
vaRRA – not becoming dry
varu – overflowing continuously
punal – with water
sUzh – surrounded by
pErAn – one who is eternally residing in thiruppEr nagar
Ayiram pEr udaiyAn – one who has countless divine names
piRangu – dense
siRai – having wings
vaNdu – beetles
aRaiginRa – singing with tune
thArAn – sarvESvaran who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) garland and mercifully residing
thArA – filled with birds named thArA
vayal – by fertile fields
sUzhndha – surrounded by
sALakkirAmam adai nenjE – Oh mind! Try to reach SrI sALagrAmam.

Simple translation

sarvESvaran who is having thiruvUragam as his abode, who is mercifully resting as purushOththama in thirukkudandhai, bent both the ends of his bows and destroyed the groups of chariots of rAkshasas, who cannot analyse and understand that he cannot be won over by them, to become pieces. He is eternally residing in thiruppEr nagar which is surrounded by perennial water. He is having countless divine names and is adorning thuLasi garland which is having beetles with dense wings, singing with tune. He is mercifully residing in SrI sALagrAmam which is surrounded by fertile fields which are filled with birds named thArA. Oh mind! Try to reach there.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • UrAn – One who is having thiruvUragam as his abode.
  • kudandhai uththaman – One who is having the greatness of voluntarily going to thirukkudandhai and mercifully reclining there while none of the residents prayed for his arrival there.

Alternatively, it can be said as

  • thirukkudandhai – UrAn – uththaman – The best lord who is residing in the town of thirukkudandhai.
  • orukAl – Once.
  • irukAl silai vaLaiya – To bend both the ends of the bow. Since rAvaNa did not bend (bow down), SrI rAma bent his bow.
  • thErA arakkar … – SrI rAma destroyed the flood of chariots of rAvaNa who could not show respect thinking “The divine son of emperor dhaSaratha has come as enemy to fight”.
  • vaRRA … – On top of the water not drying, water is flowing more and more – having such thiruppEr nagar as his abode.
  • pEr Ayiram udaiyAn – One who is having countless divine names which reveal his qualities and activities. AzhwAr is speaking about the divine forms which are enjoyed through those divine names.
  • piRangu … – Wearing garlands which are having beetles which are having dense wings, drinking the honey and singing.
  • thArA … – SrI sALagrAmam is surrounded with fields which are filled with thArA birds just as a town will be filled with humans. Oh mind! Reach there.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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