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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


thEraNangalgul sezhungaiyaRkaNNi
thiRaththu oru maRath thozhil purindhu
pAraNangimilEREzhum mun adarththa
panimugil vaNNan emperumAn
kAraNandhannAl kadum punal kayaththa
karuvarai piLavezhak kuththi
vAraNam koNarndha gangaiyin karaimEl

Word-by-Word meanings

mun – Previously
thEr – chariot wheel
aNangu – will be a match if tried very hard
algul – a girl having waist region
sezhu – beautiful
kayal – like a kayal fish
kaNNi thiRaththu – for nappinnaip pirAtti who is having eyes
maRam – angry
oru thozhil – an action
purindhu – did
pAr – residents of earth
aNangu – to suffer
imil – having humps
ERu Ezhum – the seven bulls
adarththa – one who killed
pani – cool
mugil – like a cloud
vaNNan – having divine complexion
emperumAn – my lord
kAraNam thannAl – due to bhagIratha’s penance
kadu – having great speed
punal kayaththa – stopping the water
karu varai – huge mountain
piLavu ezha – to blast
kuththi – piercing
vAraNam – the elephants (which are present there)
koNarndha – which brought along and falling
gangaiyin karai mEl – on the banks of gangA
vadhariyAchchirAmaththu uLLAnE – one who is residing in SrI badharikASramam

Simple translation

Previously, for the sake of nappinnaip pirAtti whose waist region will match a chariot wheel if it (the chariot) tried hard, and who is having beautiful eyes which resemble kayal fish, emperumAn performed an angry action to kill the seven bulls with humps which were making the residents of earth to suffer; he is my lord who is having a divine complexion like that of a cool cloud; such emperumAn is residing in SrI badharIkASramam on the banks of gangA which is having great speed due to bhagIratha’s penance, to blast by piercing the huge mountain which stopped it and which is bringing along the elephants and falling.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • thEr … – One who is having waist region which is as broad as a chariot when it (chariot) tries hard; aNangu – suffering. The chariot wheel is usually explained as a simile for waist region. For the sake of nappinnaip pirAtti who is having eyes which resemble kayal fish, emperumAn performed an angry action, and killed the bulls which were having humps which tormented the whole earth; becoming pleased on having his hurdle eliminated, having a cool cloud like divine form, he enslaved me completely by showing such beautiful form.
  • kAraNam … – It is said that, when bhagIratha was bringing gangA to earth, on the way, a mountain blocked the flow, and gangA pierced the mountain to split into two and also gathered and brought along the elephants and fell on earth.

The reason for that is,

  • kAraNam thannAl – It is due to the strength derived by bhagIratha’s penance, where he performed the penance to bring back to life, his forefathers who were burnt down to ashes. Due to this reason, having water which is strong due to its ancient nature, piercing the mountain and splitting it into two, and bringing along the elephants. Alternative explanation – while bringing gangA to the earth, as a mountain blocks the way, bhagIratha performs a penance towards indhra; indhra sends his chathurdhanthi (elephant with four tusks) and it digs into the mountain to split it into two and that elephant brought the water down; there is a well-known account in this manner; AzhwAr could be speaking about this as well.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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