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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


uRigaL pOl meynnarambezhundhu Un thaLarndhuLLam eLgi
neRiyai nOkkik kaN suzhanRu ninRu nadungAmun
aRidhiyAgil nenjam! anbAy Ayira nAmam solli
veRikoL vaNdu paNgaL pAdum vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

mey – in the body
narambu – nerves
uRigaL pOl – like rope
ezhundhu – becoming projected (well visible from outside)
Un – flesh
thaLarndhu – become loosened
uLLam – heart
eLgi – becoming broken (to go away)
neRiyai nOkki – seeing the route (due to the fatigue)
kaN suzhanRu – rolling the eyes
ninRu – remaining immovable
nadungAmun – before reaching the stage of shivering
nenjam – Oh mind!
aRidhi Agil – if you have knowledge
anbAy – having bhakthi (towards sarvESvaran)
Ayira nAmam – (his) thousand divine names
solli – reciting
veRi koL – very fragrant
vaNdu – beetles
paNgaL – musical songs
pAdum – humming
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhumE – let us worship

Simple translation

Oh mind! If you are knowledgeable, having bhakthi, reciting his thousand divine names, let us worship SrI badhari where very fragrant beetles are humming musical songs before the nerves in the body become projected like ropes, the flesh in the body becomes loosened, heart becoming broken seeing the route to travel and eyes start rolling in fatigue and before the body remains immovable and starts shivering.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • uRigaL … – In the body, the nerves which were invisible during the youth, as the body became dry, would become projected further like a rope. For that,
  • Un thaLarndhu – the flesh becomes loosened.
  • uLLam eLgi – Due to that, the heart becomes weak.
  • neRiyai … – As one starts thinking about the route to travel, as the journey is very long, one will take a hard look at the route. Due to the fatigue in looking far, eyes will start rolling. Subsequently, being unable to place the next step, the body will start shivering.
  • aRidhiyAgil nenjam – If you (mind) are the entry point for knowledge; being devoted towards him, while being healthy, recite all the thousand divine names, instead of having to fail in the effort by reciting a few of the divine names.
  • veRi … – The beetles which appear to be made from fragrance, are humming the songs to let out their enjoyment just as the mukthAthmAs (liberated souls) will sing sAma gAnam.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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