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Introduction to the vyAkyAnam

When asked “You are greatly celebrating this divine name. What is the meaning for it?” AzhwAr explains in this pAsuram. Instead of chanting the divine name [as part of thirumanthram] and getting a result out of it, and making it ancillary for karma yOgam (gyAna yOgam and bhakthi yOgam), since AzhwAr is of the opinion that the result is attained by meditating upon the meanings of it, he is explaining the meanings. nammAzhwAr too, while speaking about thirumanthram [especially the divine name, nArAyaNa], will explain about the meaning either before or after, to emphasise on the meaning, since it is said in SAsthram “gyAnAn mOksham” (True knowledge leads to liberation).


empirAn endhai ennudaich chuRRam
enakkarasu ennudai vANAL
ambinAl arakkar verukkoLa nerukki
avaruyir seguththa em aNNal
vambulAnjOlai mAmadhiL thanjai
mAmaNik kOyilE vaNangi
nambigAL! uyya nAn kaNdu koNdEn 
nArAyaNA ennum nAmam

Word-by-Word meanings

nambigAL! – Oh those who are complete (with enjoying bhagavAn’s qualities)!
em pirAn – being my benefactor
endhai – being my father
ennudaich chuRRam – being all my relationships
enakku arasu – being my ruler
ennudai vAzh nAL – being my life-span
arakkar – rAkshasas (demoniac people)
verukkoLa – to be scared
ambinAl – with arrows
nerukki – suffocating them
avar uyir – their lives
seguththa – destroyed
em aNNal – the eternal abode of sarvESvaran, who is my lord
vambu – fragrance
ulAm – blowing
sOlai – garden
mA – lengthy
madhiL – having fort
thanjai mA maNik kOyilE – thanjai mA maNik kOyil only
vaNangi – worshipped
nAn uyya – to be uplifted (like all of you)
nArAyaNA ennum nAmam – the divine name, nArAyaNa
kaNdu koNdEn – I got to realise.

Simple translation

Oh those who are complete (with enjoying bhagavAn’s qualities)! sarvESvaran, being my benefactor, father, all my relationships, ruler and life-span, created fear in the rAkshasas by suffocating them with arrows and destroyed their lives. I only worshipped such sarvESvaran, who is my lord who is residing in thanjai mA maNik kOyil which is having garden with blowing fragrance and lengthy fort. To be uplifted, I got to realise the divine name, nArAyaNa.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • empirAn – My benefactor.
  • endhai – My father.
  • ennudaich chuRRam – One who remains all types of relationships starting with the mother who gives birth.
  • enakku arasu – One who eliminated my vices and ruled over me.
  • ennudai vAzh nAL – My life-span.
  • ambinAl arakkar verukkoLa nerukki avaruyir seguththa em aNNal – My lord who destroyed the rAkshasas by causing fear in them by suffocating them with his arrows instead of destroying them with his sankalpa (will). Thus he concludes with saying “emperumAn is my swAmi (lord)”. With this, what is explained in subAla upanishath “mAthA pithA bhrAthA nivAsaS SaraNam suhrudhgathirnArAyaNa:” (SrIman nArAyaNan is mother, father, brother, abode, refuge, friend, goal), is elaborated here.

When asked “How did you get all of these?” AzhwAr says,

  • vambulAnjOlai mAmadhiL thanjai mAmaNik kOyilE vaNangi – I kept worshipping thanjai mAmaNik kOyil only, which is having eternally blooming garden and lengthy fort. As I meditated upon emperumAn’s saulabhyam (easy approachability) where he is present announcing “I am all types of relationships for you”, I received all these.
  • nambigAL – AzhwAr could be addressing either those who are caring only for the body holding on to matters other than bhagavAn or those who are complete due to enjoying bhagavAn’s qualities.
  • uyya nAn kaNdu koNdEn – AzhwAr is saying either “I got to see emperumAn to be uplifted, while you are suffering due to worldly attachments” or “I too reached the shore as you did knowing the ways to be uplifted”.
  • nArAyaNA ennum nAmam – I got to realise the divine name which explains that emperumAn is all types of relationships.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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