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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 8.1


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of unnecessarily doubting in emperumAn’s qualities and true nature and having the doubts cleared, and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? Since emperumAn did not let AzhwAr immediately reach thiruvARanviLai and accept his vAchika kainkaryam (service by speech), AzhwAr became anguished and doubted his auspicious qualities thinking “I thought he was subservient to his devotees and the controller of all; are these false in my case?” emperumAn reminded AzhwAr about how he was given the favour to recite thiruvAimozhi and eliminated his unnecessary doubts. AzhwAr meditated upon that and got rid of his unnecessary doubts. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this principle explained in “dhEvimAr AvAr” starting with “dhEvan uRai padhiyil“.


dhEvan uRai padhiyil sErap peRAmaiyAl
mEvum adiyAr vachanAm meynnilaiyum – yAvaiyum thAn
Anilaiyum sangiththu avai theLindha mARanpAl
mAnilaththIr thangaL manam


word-by-word meanings

mAnilaththIr – Oh residents of the vast world!
dhEvan uRai padhiyil – in the divine abode thiruvARanviLai where emperumAn is residing
sErap peRAmaiyAl – being unable to unite with emperumAn and serve
mEvum adiyAr vachan Am mey nilaiyum – emperumAn in the state of being subservient towards his devotees
yAvaiyum thAn Am nilaiyum – in the state of chEthanas and achEthanas being identified with him (emperumAn)
sangiththu – unnecessarily doubting
avai theLindha – having cleared such doubts
mARanpAl – towards AzhwAr
nangaL manam – our heart will be fixed

Simple Translation

Oh residents of the vast world! AzhwAr being unable to unite with emperumAn in the divine abode thiruvARanviLai where he is residing and serve him, unnecessarily doubted emperumAn in the state of being subservient towards his devotees and in the state of chEthanas and achEthanas being identified with him, and had his doubts cleared. Our heart will be fixed towards such AzhwAr.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • dhEvan uRai padhiyil – Not being able to enter and serve dhEvadhEva (God of Gods) as said in thiruvAimozhi 7.10.10 “thanmai dhEvapirAn aRiyum” (emperumAn, who is the God of Gods, knows my nature) along with his divine consort, pirAtti, eternally residing in thiruvARanviLai. Alternatively, being anguished as said in “dhEvimAr AvAr thirumagaL bhUmi Eva maRRamar AtcheyvAr – appanE kANumARaruLAy” (nithyasUris will perform kainkaryam as you and your divine consorts SrI dhEvi, bhUmi dhEvi and others order; the three-folded worlds which are fitting well with you, follow your orders; you have distinguished forms as per the situation and your desire; oh great benefactor who performed difficult tasks and helped others! You are torturing me who is sinful, with your lotus like eyes, unique coral like lips and attractive blue gem like form; you are my life; you are the most enjoyable nectar; show your mercy to me, to see and enjoy you) [1st pAsuram] and “enRenRE kalangi” (saying “show your mercy to be able to see you” repeatedly and becoming bewildered) [2nd pAsuram].
  • mEvum adiyAr vachanAm meynnilaiyum yAvaiyum thAnAm nilaiyum sangiththu – Unnecessarily doubting emperumAn in the state of being subservient towards his devotees and in the state of chEthanas and achEthanas being identified with him. That is, as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 26.13 “kyAtha: prAgya: kruthagyaScha sAnukrOSaScha rAghava: | sathvruththO niranukrOSaS SankE madhbhAgya sankshayAth ||” (SrI rAma is famous, wise and compassionate with a good conduct. Due to the deterioration of my fortune, I doubt if he has become hard hearted), AzhwAr unnecessarily doubted emperumAn’s true nature and qualities as said in “umar ugandhugandha uruvam nin uruvam Agi undhanakku anbarAnAr avar ugandhamarndha seygai un mAyai aRivonRum sangippan vinaiyEn amar adhu paNNi agalidam pudai sUzh adu padai aviththa ammAnE! amarar tham amudhE! asurargaL nanjE! ennudai Ar uyirEyO!” (emperumAn, being the lord, caused the world famous war, which had his acts of going as a messenger etc, destroyed the army which covered the surroundings of the expansive earth; he is enjoyable for dhEvas and is like poison for asuras; oh such emperumAn who sustains me! You are having as your form, the form that is always enjoyed by your exclusive devotees; your amazing activities make your exclusive devotees who love such form of yours, to desirously engage in service without any other expectation; I who have the sin to doubt the very principle of such knowledge which is our refuge, am doubting that principle now; alas!) [4th pAsuram], and in “iRandhadhum nIyE edhirndhadhum nIyE nigazhvadhO nI innE AnAl siRandha nin thanmai adhu idhu udhu enRu aRivonRum sangippan vinaiyEn kaRandha pAl neyyE! neyyin in suvaiyE! kadalinuL amudhamE! amudhil piRandha in suvaiyE! suvaiyadhu payanE! pinnai thOL maNandha pErAyA!” (Oh great krishNa who united with nappinnaip pirAtti’s divine shoulders! You are the naturally tasty milk, ghee and the sweet taste of ghee; you are the nectar which came from the ocean, the sweetness originated from that nectar and the resulting pleasure from that sweetness; I have true knowledge of knowing that all entities (individually) from past, future and present are at your disposal and all the entities which are present far away, close by and in between, are the  attributes of yours, you being distinguished; due to my sins, I doubt if that knowledge too will be lost) [7th pAsuram]. mAmunigaL is following these pAsurams. To eliminate AzhwAr’s doubt in emperumAn’s ASritha pArathanthriyam (being subservient towards his devotees) and sarva nirvAhakathvam (being the controller of all), emperumAn reminded AzhwAr, the previously done favour in his memory by highlighting thiruvAimozhi 7.10.5malaradip pOdhugaL ennenjaththeppozhudhum iruththi vaNanga
    palar adiyAr munbaruLiya” (emperumAn granted his grace in the presence of his many different servitors to me to have his blossomed, divine, lotus feet in my heart always and to worship them). AzhwAr thought about it and became joyful having acquired quality and said in “thALgaLai enakkE thalaith thalaich chiRappath thandha pErudhavi” (greatly favoured me by granting his divine feet to exist exclusively for me, to have me shine more and more) [10th pAsuram].
  • theLindha mARanpAl mAnilaththIr nangaL manam – Oh residents of this vast world who are engaged in materialistic pleasures! Unlike you, our hearts are fixed on AzhwAr. Your heart is on materialistic pleasures; AzhwAr’s heart is on bhagavath vishayam; we who are different from both you and AzhwAr, have our hearts on AzhwAr.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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