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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 1.10


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of feeling satisfied after seeing no specific reason and thinking “emperumAn‘s uniting with all limbs is nirhEthuka (causeless)” and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? Is anything that can be done by the AthmA to acquire this great benefit of joyful, complete union by emperumAn? As emperumAn is the controller of all aspects of AthmA such as budhdhi[intelligence] etc and emperumAn is of the nature of accepting the AthmA without any reason by instilling adhvEsham (lack of hatred), parigaNanA (counting emperumAn’s presence) and finally paramabhakthi (inability to sustain without being with emperumAn); thinking about emperumAn’s causeless favour, AzhwAr becomes satisfied in thiruvAimozhi 1.10porumAL nIL padai“; mAmunigaL mercifully explains this starting with “porum Azhi sangudaiyOn“.


porum Azhi sangudaiyOn pUdhalaththE vandhu
tharumAROrEdhuvaRaththannai – thiramAgap
pArththurai sey mARan padham paNiga en senni
vAzhththiduga ennudaiya vAy


word-by-word meanings

porum – engaging in battle (with enemies)
Azhi – thiruvAzhi AzhwAn (SudharSana chakraththAzhwAr, divine disc)
sangu – SrI pAnchajanya [conch]
udaiyOn – emperumAn who is having them (in his divine hands)
pUdhalaththE vandhu – incarnating on this earth
Or Edhu aRa – without any hEthu (reason) (nirhEthuka – causeless)
thannai tharum ARu – the way he gives himself (to his devotees for their enjoyment)
thiramAga – firmly
pArththu – visualised
urai sey – mercifully spoke
mARan – AzhwAr‘s
padham – divine feet
en senni – my head
paNiga – let it bow down;
ennudaiya vAy – my mouth
vAzhththiduga – let it perform mangaLASAsanam.

Simple Translation

AzhwAr firmly visualised and mercifully spoke the way emperumAn who is having SrI SudharSana chakra and SrI pAnchajanya in his hand, incarnates on this earth without any reason and gives himself; let my head bow down at such AzhwAr’s divine feet; let my mouth perform mangaLASAsanam for him.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • porum Azhi sangudaiyOn pUdhalaththE vandhu – sarvESvaran who has divine weapons such as chakra (disc), Sanka (conch) etc which engage in battle with enemies, became visible to the eyes of the residents of this material world which has enmity towards emperumAn. mAmunigaL explains this based on the pAsuram starting with “porumA nIL padai” (the weapons which wage a battle) and ending with “karu mANikkam en kaNNuLadhAgum” (the dark gem like emperumAn is inside my eyes) [first pAsuram].
  • tharum ARu Edhu aRath thannai – the way he presents himself without any reason.
  • Or Edhu aRath thannaith tharum ARu – The way he presents without any reason, himself who is the goal.
  • thiramAgap pArththurai sey mARan – That is, AzhwAr who visualised how emperumAn presents himself for both bhakthi (devotion) and parigaNanA (mere counting of his presence) as said in “kaNNuLLE niRkum kAdhanmaiyAl thozhil eNNilum varum” (emperumAn is present for those who are devoted to him and serve him and to those who merely accept his presence) [2nd pAsuram], and further how he manifests himself out of nirhEthuka krupA (causeless mercy) as said in “Or eN thAnum inRiyE vandhiyalum ARu – kaNdAyE” (Did you see how the results are fructified for us even without contemplating on any efforts?) [5th pAsuram] as in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 1.29 “sahitha:” (together with brothers) and in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 1.58 “sangatha:” (united with hanuman), and mercifully explained for the benefit of the ignorant persons.
  • padham paNiga en senni vAzhththiduga ennudaiya vAy – In this manner, AzhwAr became satisfied in emperumAn‘s nirhEthuka vaibhavam (causeless glories) and mercifully revealed these aspects; let my head worship such AzhwAr’s divine feet as said in sthOthra rathnam 5mUrdhnA praNamAmi” (bow my head); let my mouth perform mangaLASAsanam him as said in AzhwAr’s vAzhi thirunAmamthirukkurugaip perumAL than thiruththALgaL vAzhiyE” (let the divine feet of AzhwAr who is the lord of thirukkurugUr live long). In this manner, mAmunigaL mercifully revealed how he became immersed in AzhwAr’s divine feet due to overwhelming gratitude.

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