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Essence of thiruvAimozhi 1.9


In this pAsuram, mAmunigaL is following AzhwAr’s pAsurams of highlighting emperumAn‘s quality of granting joy in a step by step manner and is mercifully explaining it.

How is that done? When asked “though emperumAn has the quality of honesty, to present himself to the dishonest AthmAs, and interact with them, would he interact with those who approach him now, with the same joy as he interacts with nithyasUris such as thiruvadi (garuda), thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEsha) et al who fully follow his heart?” AzhwAr mercifully explains in thiruvAimozhi 1.9ivaiyum avaiyum” that emperumAn would unite with this AthmA with all his senses and limbs in a step by step manner in all manners, while he may just interact with each of those nithyasUris in a distinctive manner. mAmunigaL mercifully explains this starting with “ivai aRindhOr tham aLavil“.


ivai aRindhOr tham aLavil Isan uvandhARRa
avayangaL thORum aNaiyum suvai adhanaip
peRRArvaththAl mARan pEsina sol pEsa, mAl
poRRAL nam senni porum


word-by-word meanings

ivai – the qualities such as Arjava (honesty) which were revealed in previous decad
aRindhOr tham aLavil – towards those who have understood
Isan – sarvESvaran
uvandhu – joyfully
ARRa – step by step
avayangaL thORum – in all limbs
aNaiyum – uniting
suvai adhanaip peRRu – tasting it
ArvaththAl – with bliss (having acquired it)
mARan pEsina – mercifully spoken by AzhwAr
sol – divine words
pEsa – as we speak
mAl – sarvESvaran’s
pon thAL – divine feet
nam senni – on our head
porum – will unite

Simple Translation

As we speak the divine words which were mercifully, blissfully spoken by AzhwAr after acquiring the taste of sarvESvaran joyfully uniting, step by step with all limbs of those who have understood his qualities such as Arjava (honesty) which were revealed in previous decad, sarvESvaran’s divine feet will unite with our head.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam

  • ivai aRindhOr tham aLavil – Towards those who have understood this Arjava quality.
  • Isan uvandhu ARRa avayangaL thORum aNaiyum suvai adhanaip peRRasarvESvaran being blissful, in a step by step manner, united with all limbs of AzhwAr, and AzhwAr having attained such great fortune of being united with emperumAn to the full satisfaction of all his [AzhwAr’s] limbs. That is, as said in SrI rAmAyaNam kishkindhA kANdam 4.21 “sarAmO vAnarEndhrasya prasAdham abikAnkshathE” (Such SrI rAma desired with noble thoughts, the grace of sugrIva), AzhwAr highlighted “ennudaich chUzhaluLAnE”  (he is in my vicinity) [1st pAsuram], “arugalilAnE” (in close proximity) [2nd pAsuram], “ozhivilan ennOdudanE” (inseparable from me) [3rd pAsuram], “kaNNan en okkalaiyAnE” (krishNa is on my hips) [4th pAsuram], “mAyan en nenjinuLAnE” (the amazing lord is in my heart) [5th pAsuram], “ennudaith thOLiNaiyAnE” (he is on my shoulder) [6th pAsuram], “ennudai nAvinuLAnE”  (he is in my tongue) [7th pAsuram], “kamalak kaNNan en kaNNin uLLAn” (lotus eyed lord is in my eye) [8th pAsuram], “en neRRi uLAnE” (he is on my forehead) [9th pAsuram] and climbing up my head as said in “uchchi uLAnE” (he is on my head). mAmunigaL explained this based on these pAsurams. aNaiyum suvai means faultless six types of taste. Here the focus is on how emperumAn unites with AzhwAr as he would feel the collective joy of uniting with pirAtti, thiruvanthAzhwAn et al.
  • ArvaththAl mARan pEsina sol pEsa – AzhwAr being greatly blessed in this manner, out of the great desire/joy mercifully spoke the divine words; just by reciting them,
  • mAl pon thAL nam senni porum – The attractive, divine feet of sarvESvara who is greatly attached to his devotees, will reach our head. poru means match, and hence it implies reaching. mAmunigaL is mercifully explaining what is mercifully spoken by AzhwAr in “nichchalum viNNappam seyya nIL kazhal senni porum” (For those who recite, the lotus feet of kaNNan emperumAn will be on their head forever) [pAsuram 11].

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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