mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 95 – pugundhu ilangum

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Thinking of the simplicity that emperumAn displayed towards him, AzhwAr mercifully mentions in this pAsuram as to how emperumAn displayed that quality towards prahlAdha. He tells his heart to praise and worship at the divine feet of such emperumAn who carries out favours like this.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pugundhu ilangum andhip pozhudhaththu ariyAy
igazhndha iraNiayadhAgam sugirndhengum
sindhappiLandha thirumAL thiruvadiyE
vandhiththu en nenjamE vAzhththu

Word by Word Meanings

andhi pugundhu – with dusk setting
ilangum pozhudhaththu – at the time when it manifests
ari Ay – incarnating in the form of narasimha (lion head and human body)
igazhndha iraNiyadhu Agam – the body of demon iraNiyan (hiraNya kashyap) who was constantly abusing emperumAn
sugirndhu –cutting it into many pieces
engum sindha – dropping it all over the place
piLandha – one who tore
thirumAl – emperumAn’s
thiruvadiyE – only divine feet
en nenjamE – Oh my heart!
vandhiththu vAyAra vAzhththu – bow the head and praise him fully.


pugundhu ilangum andhip pozhudhaththuAzhwAr mentions about the setting in of dusk. Since sun sets at that time, it will be reddish in colour.

andhip pozhudhaththu – during evening time, the strength of demons will increase many fold. iraNiyan had taken a boon that he should not be killed during day time or night time. He did not take a boon for not being killed at dusk. Hence emperumAn chose that time to kill him.

ariyAy – iraNiyan had taken a boon that he should not be killed by dhEvas (celestial entities) or manushyas (humans) . Hence emperumAn took the form of narasimha, a form that iraNiyan did not think had the capability to kill him and hence did not ask a boon for. If we rearrange the words of the verse to get andhippozhudhaththu pugundhu ilangum ariyAy the meaning would change to – entering during dusk in the form of a radiant narasimha.

igazhndha iraNiyadhu Agam – the body of iraNiyan, who constantly was abusing emperumAn as well as prahlAdha,  which had grown out of the strength from boons granted by celestial entities.

sugirndhu engum sindhap piLandha – apart from killing iraNiyan who is the enemy of follower prahlAdha, AzhwAr also mentions the fury that emperumAn had when he killed iraNiyan.

sugirndhu – cutting into many pieces

engum sindhap piLandhaemperumAn tore iraNiyan’s body and strew them all over the place.

thirumAlemperumAn is together with pirAtti who is the reason for his carrying out beneficial activities for his followers. The reason for his having partiality towards his followers is pirAtti. AzhwAr says this so that we praise her along with praising emperumAn.

thiruvadiyE – the divine feet of emperumAn who is the consort of pirAtti.

vandhiththu – bowing down to him

en nenjamE – Oh my heart which feels happy when thinking of him!

vAzhththu – praise him. Bowing down to and praising are to be carried out to him who is together with thirumagaL (pirAtti). AzhwAr says that the enemies of emperumAn’s followers who desire the union of the divine couple, will suffer the fate of irAniyan.

We will take up the 96th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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