mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi – 94 – uyththuNarvennum

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AzhwAr reminisces in this pAsuram about all the benefits that he obtained starting from the first pAsuram vaiyam thagaLiyA. In the previous pAsuram he had asked his heart to retain emperumAn. In this pAsuram he mercifully says that as soon as he told his heart to think [about emperumAn], emperumAn, with affection, entered his heart and how he became very affectionate towards him.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

uyththuNarvennum oLi koL viLakkERRi
vaiththavanai nAdi valaippaduththEn meththenavE
ninRAn irundhAn kidandhAn en nenjaththup
ponRamai mAyan pugundhu

Word by Word Meanings

uNarvu ennum – knowledge which is readily available
oLi koL viLakku – radiant lamp
ERRi – lighting it
avanai uyththu vaiththu – searching for emperumAn
nAdi – analysing and meditating
valaippaduththEn – I made him my own
mAyan – that emperumAn
ponRAmai – without any break
en nenjaththu – inside my heart
pugundhu – entered
meththena – slowly
ninRAn – (initially) stood
irundhAn – (later) sat
kidandhAn – (after that) reclined and graced me


uyththu – bringing in

uNarvennum oLi viLakku ERRi – instead of the regular lamps which have faults such as oil, wick etc, lighting the lamp of knowledge.

vaiththu avainai nAdi valaippaduththEn – bringing him inside, analysing his characteristics, meditating on those qualities, I enticed him inside the net of being a favourable entity to him. Can being favourable to him be termed as a net? Has it not been said “bhakthikrItha:” (he is bought for the price of bhakthi)! The activity carried out by chEthana is the net which ensnares him.

meththenavE ninRAn irundhAn kidandhAn en nenjaththuemperumAn too was willing to be ensnared by the net. He entered my heart, slowly stabilised himself by standing on a leg, and then carried out further activities of standing firmly, sitting and reclining in my heart.

ponRAmal – this could mean any of (1) such that I was not destroyed (2) standing, sitting and reclining in my heart without any gap (3) continuously.

mAyan pugundhuemperumAn who is an amazing entity.

The sequence in which the pAsuram should be considered is: pugundhu uyththu vaiththu uNarvennum oLi koL viLakkERRi avanai nAdi valaippaduththEn; mAyan pugundhu ponRAmal meththenavE ninRAn irundhAn kidhandhAnen nenjaththu.

We will move on to the 95th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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