Arththi prabandham – 34

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The preface to this pAsuram is laid in the format of an imaginary question that mAmunigaL thinks SrI rAmAnuja would have in his mind. In this pAsuram, the former tries to answer that. The question is as follows. SrI rAmAnuja asks mAmunigaL, “hey! mAmunigaL!!! Let us say that I do have lots of compassion. However, the obstacles that you have is so powerful and strong that it would make even the most compassionate person to shun away any sort of compassion towards you. So, what can I do in this regard?”. mAmunigaL answers, “The one who said ‘sarva pApEbhyO mokshayishyAmi mAsucha:‘ (I will relieve you from all your sins, do not worry)”, is none other than periya perumAL of SrIrangam (in the form of krishNa). Even HE is a person who will abide by you and do whatever you says. Hence, my svAmi! SrI rAmAnuja!!! Please liberate me, who does not have any refuge other than your lotus feet. Please ensure that I do not go through the effects of my karma and grant me salvation from bondage.

pAsuram 34

munnaivinai pinnaivinai Araththam ennum
mUnRu vagaiyAna vinaiththogai anaiththum yAnE
ennai adaindhOr thamakkuk kazhippan ennum arangar
ethirAsA nIyitta vazhakanRO? sollAy
unnai alladhu aRiyAdha yAn indha udamabodu
uzhanRu vinaippayan pusikka vENduvadhu onRu uNdO?
ennudaiya iruvinayai iRaippozhudhil mARRi
yErArum vaigundhaththu ERRi vidAy nIyE!!!

Word-by-Word Meanings

arangar – periya perumAL
ennum  – who told that
adaindhOr thamakku – “Towards those people who reach
ennai – me, who is characterized by auspicious qualities including the likes of vAthsalyam etc.,
yAnE – I, who is all-powerful, all-knowing and omnipresent, will
kazhippan – annihilate
anaiththum – all the
vinaiththogai – group of karmAs
mUnRu vagaiyAna – that are of three types including
ennum – the likes of
munnaivinai – pUrvAgam (previously acquired sins)
pinnaivinai – uththarAgam (sins of future)
Araththam – prArabdham (the effects of the karma which is to be explained in the shorter duration, i.e., the part of our karma to be experienced in a specific set of births. sanchitha karma is the who set of our karma to be experienced. prArabdha karma is a part of that whole package)”.
ethirAsA – Oh! The leader of yathis!!!
nIyitta vazhakkanRO? – Even such arangar (periya perumAL) abides by you.
sollAy – please tell me about that. Please tell me that this is a real fact.
yAn – I
aRiyAdha – do not know
unnai alladhu – anyone except you (as the protector)
vinaippayan pusikka vENduvadhu onRu uNdO? – should I reap the effects of all karmas assosciated with my being
indha udamabodu – inside this body
uzhanRu – and continue the journey forever?
nIyE– Only you should (you can)
iRaippozhudhil – in a wink of an eye
mARRi – annihilate without an iota of trace
ennudaiya – my
iruvinayai  – strong karmas.
yERRi vidAi – (By doing so), please make me ascend to
ErArum –  beautiful
vaigundhaththu – paramapadham

Simple Translation

mAmunigaL asks SrI rAmAnuja that only he is capable of removing the countless sins that he has accrued over eons and susbsequently grant moksham. mAmunigaL reiterates the fact that he has no other refuge other than the lotus feet of SrI rAmAnuja, whom, even the all-knowing, all powerful periya perumAL is subservient towards.


mAmunigaL restates the words of periya perumAL. The latter said “there are three types of karma groups that includes the likes of “pUrvAgam”, “uththarAgam” and “prArabdham” as laid out by the phrase “pUrvAgamuththarAgArancha samArabdhamakamthathA”. To those who come unto me having renunciating everything and accepting me as the only refuge, I, who is all-powerful,  all-knowing, one who does not need the help of anything else to effect something, one who is full of auspicious qualities likes vAthsalyam etc., will annihilate all their karma without any iota of trace”. mAmunigaL continues towards SrI rAmAnuja by calling him “hey ethirAsA!!! The leader of yathis!!!! Is it not true that even such great periya perumAL is someone who abides by you and does what you tell HIM, as revealed by the phrase “vasyassathA bhavathithE”?   Can you not speak out and tell that this is in fact true and a fact? I do not know any other refuge than you, SrI rAmAnuja, who controls even the periya perumAL by his love. I am in this body of mine and continue my journey from one body to another for a long time. Should I continue this journey and suffer from the karmic effects that are results of the association with the body? However, having accrued innumerable and powerful karmic sins from time immemorial, only you, SrI rAmAnuja, is capable of annihilating them without any trace of it within a wink of an eye as described by the phrase “kadivAr thIya vinaigaL nodiyArum aLavaikaN (thiruvAimozhi 1.6.10)”. Only you are capabale of doing this and subsequently make me ascend to the beautiful paramapadham”.

adiyEn santhAnam ramanuja dasan

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