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SlOkam 3


Sudha nidhimiva svairasveekruthothagraha vigraham |
Prasannarka pratheekasa prakasa pariveshtitham ||

Word to word meaning

  • svaira sweekrutha ugra vigraham – beautiful body which he himself
    desired to accept,
  • sudhanidhi miva (sthitham) – appears in white color like milky
  • prasanna arkka pratheekasa prakasa pariveshtitham – Mamunigal is like
    lustrous Sun which can be experienced by physical eye without getting


There is a saying that a disciple has to meditate Acharya’s Divya Mangala Vigraha from feet to head and a disciple must have interest in prostrating the Divya Mangala Vigraha of Acharya. Accordingly, Erumbiappa narrates the Divya Mangala Vigraha of Manavala Mamunigal. Since, Mamunigal is the
avatara of Tiruvananthalwan, whose body is exceedingly white, he himself assumed the pure white Divya Mangala Vigraha like that of milky ocean. Since milky ocean is not exceedingly bright, the sun is compared to the Tejas of Divya Mangala Vigraha of Mammunigal. Since the Sun’s light is furious and scorching, to erase that, the word prasanna is added as an adjective to Sun. prasanna means clear and refreshing. Thus, a Sun emerges, that light is like Mamunigal surrounded
– in a rhetorical figure (abutha uvamai) it is said.

Translation by Dr M Varadarajan

Source: http://divyaprabandham.koyil.org/index.php/2015/09/purva-dhinacharya-tamil-3/

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