thiruppallANdu 3 – vAzhAtpattu

srImathE satakOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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Introduction for this pAsuram

periyAzhwAr did mangaLAsAsanam in the first 2 pAsurams. Not feeling satisfied about that (AzhwAr himself singing alone), AzhwAr thinking of calling bhagavath prApthi kAmar (one who wishes to serve bhagavAn), kaivalyArththi (one who asks for kaivalyam/self-enjoyment) & aiswaryArththi (one who asks for aiswaryam/wealth) as mentioned in bhagavath gIthA 7.16 “chathurvidhA bhajanthE mAm” and first calls bhagavath prApthi kAmar. As said in “EkasvAdhu na bhunjItha” (one should not enjoy alone), he is inviting others so they too can enjoy bhagavath vishayam. He is also inviting them so that he can perform mangaLAsAsanam for bhagavAn along with his devotees instead of doing that alone.


வாழாட்பட்டு நின்றீருள்ளீரேல் வந்து மண்ணும் மணமும் கொண்மின்
கூழாட்பட்டு நின்றீர்களை எங்கள் குழுவினில் புகுதலொட்டோம்
ஏழாட்காலும் பழிப்பிலோம் நாங்கள் இராக்கதர் வாழ் இலங்கை
பாழாளாகப் படை பொருதானுக்குப் பல்லாண்டு கூறுதமே

vAzhAtpattu ninRIruLLIrEl vanthu maNNum maNamum koNmin
kUzhAtpattu ninRIrkaLai engaL kuzhuvinil puguthalottOm
EzhAtkAlum pazhippilOm nAngaL irAkkathar vAzh ilangai
pAzhALAgap padai poruthAnukkup pallAnNdu kURuthumE


word-by-word meanings

vAzhAL pattu – if you are engrossed in bhagavath kainkaryam
ninRIruLLIrEl – and stand on that nishtai (intention/ways)
vanthu – join with us (AzhwAr)
maNNum maNamum koNmin – and for the uthsavams for emperumAn, please take soil (thirumuLaith thirunAL – sprouting ritual which is done before the uthsavam) and get immersed in the uthsavam
kUzhAL pattu ninRIrkaLai – if you are serving other people to fulfill your worldly needs,
engaL kuzhuvinil puguthalottOm – we won’t allow you to join us
nAngaL – us
EzhAtkAlum pazhippilOm – We are flawless/faultless for 21 generations
irAkkathar vAzh ilangai – lankA which is filled with demons
pAzhALAga – getting destroyed
padai poruthAnukku – who went to battle field
pallANdu kURuthum – we are singing pallANdu now

Highlights from periyavAchchAn piLLai’s commentary:

  • AzhwAr first calls for bhagavath prApthi kAmar as ninRIruLLIrEl (Are there any one?). Then AzhwAr saw lot of others also joining and stopped such prayOjanAntharaparars (one who wishes for things other than bhagavAn himself). This means prayOjanAntharaparars are available in lots and one does not have to search for them like bhagavathprApthikAmar as mentioned in “uLLIrEl” (Are there any one?). In this samsAram, vaishNavathvam (being a true vaishNava) is difficult to find.
  • maNNum maNamum  – kainkarayaparars (Servants) lead from front while collecting soil for uthsavam. Similarly, when there is a maNam (marriage/festival) in the master’s house, the servants would fully engage themselves in the events. Similarly, AzhwAr is asking everyone to engage in such activities for emperumAn.
  • kUzhAL – one who comes to the party just for food – this is an example for prayOjanAntharaparars (one who desires benefits other than bhagavAn himself).
  • puguthalottOm – We will not include such prayOjanAntharaparars in our group. A question arises here. Is AzhwAr not merciful towards such persons? He is merciful – yet such persons cannot be included in the group of devotees (because they may spoil the devotional mood). Even though sage vasishta may be most merciful, he will not invite a chaNdALa (dog-eater) to perform agni kAryam (yAgam, etc). So, it is emphasised here that, for such devotees of emperumAn, relationship with prayOjanAntharaparars is to be avoided.
  • pazhippilOm – We have no defects. Here AzhwAr is not talking about basic defects such as vishayAnthara prAvaNyam (attachment to worldly pleasures),  dhEvathAnthara bhajanam (worshiping other dhEvathAs), etc. But he is talking about seeking out other benefits than emperumAn himself and engaging in other upAyams such as karma, gyAna, bhakthi yOgam, etc.
  • pallANdu kURuthum – When sIthA pirAtti got separated from perumAL (srI rAma), brahmA and other dhEvathAs were happy that rAvaNan will soon be destroyed, behaving like prayOjanAntharaparars. Since nobody was there at that time to perform mangaLAsAsanam, AzhwAr is saying that we are doing that now.

adiyEn sArathy rAmAnuja dAsan
adiyEn sudharsana rAmAnuja dAsan

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