perumAL thirumozhi – 1.9 – thUrAdha manakkAdhal

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

perumAL thirumozhi >> 1st Decad

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avathArikai (Introduction)

In this pAsuram, AzhwAr longs to see emperumAn in SrI rangam, dance joyfully and roll on the ground in ecstasy.

thUrAdha manak kAdhal thoNdar thangaL
    kuzhAm kuzhumith thiruppugazhgaL palavum pAdi
ArAdha manakkaLippOdu azhudha kaNNIr
    mazhai sOra ninaindhurugi Eththi nALum
sIrArndha muzhavOsai paravai kAttu
    thiruvaragaththu aravaNaiyil paLLi koLLum
pOrAzhi ammAnaik kaNdu thuLLip
    pUdhalaththil enRu kolO puraLu nALE

Word-by-Word Meanings

thUrAdha kAdhal manam – having a mind which desires, without any shortcoming (in matters relating to emperumAn)
thoNdar thangaL kuzhAm – in the assembly of SrI vaishNavas
kuzhumi– mingling (with them)
thiruppugazhgaL palavum pAdi – reciting the divine names (of emperumAn) appropriate to his auspicious qualities
ArAdha manakkaLippOdu – with the insatiable happiness (due to that) in the mind
azhudha kaN nIr – with tears of joy shed from the eyes
mazhai sOra – growing like a rainfall
ninaindhu urugi Eththi – thinking (of emperumAn) (and due to that), praising him with a melting heart
nALum – every day
sIr Arndha muzhavu Osai – sound from musical instruments (an indication of opulence)
paravai kAttum – will point out to the sound from ocean
thiruvarangaththu paLLi koLLum – one who is reclining on thiruvananthAzhwAn inside SrI rangam
pOr Azhi ammAnai – sarvESvaran (lord of all) who holds the divine disc which is ever ready for battles
kaNdu – worshipping him
thuLLi – (due to that joy) dancing, head over heels
bhUdhalaththil puraLum nAL – the day that I roll over, on the earth
enRu kolO – when is it?

Simple Translation

AzhwAr says that he wishes to be in the assembly of SrI vaishNavas, reciting the divine names of emperumAn, appropriate to each of his auspicious qualities, with an insatiable happiness in his mind. He wishes to go to SrI rangam, listen to the music from various instruments, with the sound being similar to the sound from an ocean, with tears of joy flowing from his eyes, which will increase to a rainfall. He wishes to dance in joy, and roll on the floor in that happiness. He is wondering as to when all these would happen.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thUrAdha manakkAdhal thoNdar thangaL kuzhAm kuzhumi – nammAzhwAr in his thiruvAimozhi pAsuram 5-8-6 had said “thUrakkuzhi thUrththu enai nAL aganRiruppan” lamenting that he was like samsAris (dwellers in materialistic realm), not satiated by his senses, despite experiencing through the five senses of Sabdha (hearing), sparSa (touching), rUpa (seeing) rasa (tasting) and gandha (smelling) continuously, for a long time. kulaSEkhara AzhwAr says in this pAsuram that he wishes to be in the assembly of SrI vaishNavas, who are not satiated despite repeatedly experiencing emperumAn.

thiruppugazhgaL palavum pAdi – reciting the many divine names of that emperumAn which denote each of his auspicious qualities.

ArAdha manakkkaLippOdu azhudha kaNNIr mazhai sOra – reciting his divine names brought insatiable happiness to the mind, leading to tears of joy which turned into a flood.

ninaindhurugi Eththi – the act of reciting the divine names of emperumAn in the assembly of SrI vaishNavas made the heart to melt, thinking of emperumAn. Hence, those who saw this would say “words which came out, due to melting of the heart”. Worshipping this say…

nALum sIrArndha muzhavOsai paravai kAttum thiruvarangaththaravaNaiyil paLLi koLLum pOrAzhi ammAnaik kaNdu – The sound of musical instruments played in the temple, which would appear to say “He is the possessor of the wealth of both leelA vibhUthi and nithya vibhUthi”, would remind one of the sound of an ocean. Worshipping such emperumAn who is reclining on the mattress of AdhiSEshan and holding the divine disc, which is ever ready to wage a battle….

thuLLi – just as nammAzhwAr had said in thiruvAImozhi 3-5-4 “kumbidu nattamittAdi” (bowing down and dancing), dancing  head over heels.

bhUdhalaththil enRu koLo puraLum nALE – AzhwAr says “When will I forget sitting on the throne with pride and roll down on earth in great joy?”

We will take up next, the 10th pAsuram in this padhigam.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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