thiruviruththam – 68 – malarndhE ozhindhila

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avathArikai (Introduction)

The nAyakan, who had united and later separated from the nAyaki, told her before leaving “I will come when the konRai flowers blossom (konRai is a tree belonging to the legume family, with elongated clusters of yellow flowers)” The konRai flowers started blossoming with the arrival of that season. Since the nAyakan had not returned, the nAyaki felt distressed. Her friend sees the flowers, knows that the season has arrived, but still tells her “They are only in the process of blossoming but have not blossomed yet. He will certainly return at the correct time; do not worry”

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

malarndhE ozhindhila mAlaiyum mAlaippon vAsigaiyum
pulandhOy thazhaippandhal thaNduRa nARRip poru kadal sUzh
nilandhAviya emperumAn thanadhu vaigundham annAy
kalandhAr varavedhirkoNdu van konRaigaL kArththanavE

Word-by-Word Meanings

poru – agitating
kadal – ocean
sUzh – surrounded by
nilam – bhUmi (earth)
thAviya – one who measured
emperumAn thanadhu – sarvESvaran’s
vaigundham annAy – one who is (enjoyable) like SrIvaikuNtam!
van – being cruel
konRaigaL – konRai trees
kalandhAr – sarvESvaran who united (with you)
varavu – arrival
edhir koNdu – expecting
kArththana – are forming buds
mAlaiyum – as garlands (string)
mAlai – made as garland
pon vAsigaiyum – golden strings
pulam – on the earth
thOy – falling
thazhai – well grown
pandhal – as a bower
thaNdu – in the branches
uRa – fitting
nARRi – making it to hang
malarndhEyozhindhila – have not blossomed fully

Simple Translation

Oh one who gives joy like SrIvaikuNtam which belongs to sarvESvaran, who had measured this earth surrounded by agitating oceans! The cruel konRai trees are waiting with buds, for the arrival of sarvESvaran who had united with you. They are not seen with blossomed flowers on their branches which come down like strings of garlands or garlands with golden strings, to the ground from the bower on which they have spread.


malarndhE ozhindhila – the friend tells nAyaki “This is not the season when he said he would return” The nAyaki tells her “How do you say so even after seeing that the flowers have blossomed?” The friend says “You could only see them trying to blossom; they have not blossomed fully”

mAlai . . . – only if they come down in strings as garlands or as golden strings through those garlands, could one say that they have blossomed. They should come down to the earth in such a way that those who see them would have their sensory organs stolen by them.

poru kadal – [friend’s words] aren’t you matching his indestructible nithyavibhUthi (spiritual realm)? Will he allow you to get destroyed? He has one vibhUthi (leelA vibhUthi) which keeps getting formed and destroyed repeatedly and one vibhUthi (nithya vibhUthi) which is indestructible.  Measuring this earth which is surrounded by ocean, he is the lord who brought all the worlds under him.

thanadhu vaigundham annAy – is it possible for you not to have svarUpa gyAnam (knowledge about your true nature)? Aren’t you matching his nithyavibhUthi? Only if he gives up that nithyavibhIUthi, would he give you up too. Will he allow you to get distressed?

kalandhAr – even if he does not know your true nature, will he not know his true nature? Would he, who had united with you and knows your importance, let go of you? Know well that his identity is that he is kalandhAr (one who united with you).

varavedhir koNdu – even plants which do not know any distinction between correct and incorrect, were ready to blossom as mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam SlOkam “akAlapalinO vrukshA” (thought it was not the season, trees blossomed flowers). Thus, when these flowers are waiting for the arrival of nAyakan to blossom, why are you upset?

van konRaigaL – the konRai trees were anxiously waiting, deciding to blossom only when he comes and not otherwise

kArththana – they formed buds. When the embryo is formed, it would change colour. This indicates that. It could also be taken to refer to rainy season.

svApadhESam (distinguished meaning): this pAsuram states how those who were nearby comforted AzhwAr, saying that due to his knowledge of sarvESvaran’s auspicious qualities and due to the fact that sarvESvaran had entered his mind, sarvESvaran will not remain without coming during the time which is apt for enjoyment.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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