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konnavilum pUngaNaigaL kOththup podhavaNaindhu                                 86
thannudaiya thOl kazhiya vAngith thamiyEnmEl
ennudaiya nenjE ilakkAga eyginRAn                                                                 87
pinnidhanaik kAppIrdhAn illaiyE pEdhaiyEn

Word by word meaning

kol navilum pUngaNaigaL kOththu – (on that bow) stringing arrows made of flowers which are capable of killing
podhavaNaindhu – standing close (to the target) so that the bows will pierce through well
thannudaiya thOL kazhiya vAngi – pulling (the string of the bow) to reach his shoulder
ennudaiya nenjE ilakkAga thamilyEn mEl eyginRAn – keeping my heart as the target he (cupid) is shooting those arrows on me, who is having none to support.
pin idhanai kAppIrdhAn illaiyE – there is none who could now enable me to escape from this danger


kol navilum pUngaNaigaL kOththu – even though these are arrows of flowers, they will not fail from killing

podha aNaindhu – standing closely in such a way that if the arrow is released, it will enter one side, pierce through the target without missing, and exit from the other side.

thannudaiya thOL kazhiya vAngi – since the chest is pulled back while releasing the arrow, the shoulders will bend back a lot further; alternatively, this implies that the arrow is pulled back (prior to releasing) such that the hands reach the shoulder.

thamilyEn mEl – Look at the target of his arrow! He is a valorous soldier who will torture a helpless damsel.

ennudaiya nenjE ilakkAga – he excels SrI rAma in his valour! SrI rAma will target only those which (or who) have a form. He is targeting my formless heart!

eyginRAn – since this term is in the present tense, it implies that kAman (cupid) continues to target her and does not step back. Just as it is said in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 94-18 “Saravarsham vavarsha ha ” (he rained a hailstorm of arrows), SrI rAma showed his valour when he saw the main army of rAvaNa while kAman shows his valour on seeing my heart.

ennudaiya nenjE – even if one of the arrows that he shot at me had fallen on him, he would have realised how the suffering is; since that did not happen, he is indulging in this act of cruelty.

pin idhanaik kAppIrdhAn illaiyE – When SrI rAma threatened to invert the world as said in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 64-78 “jagath saSailam parivathayAmyaham” (I will destroy the world with its mountains), there was an intelligent person such as lakshmaNa as said in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 16-4 “lakshmaNasya cha dhImatha:” (lakshmaNa too, who is wise), who spoke comforting words to SrI rAma and took his bow. Now, she is wailing whether there is none who would take the bow from kAman’s hand; she is lamenting the absence of one who would carry out the role of purushakAram (one who recommends/advises another person).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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