periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl

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munniya peNNai mEl muL muLarik kUttagaththup                                          84
pinnum avvanRil pedai vAych chiRukuralum
ennudaiya nenjukkOr IrvALAm enseygEn                                                            85
kannavil thOL kAman karuppuch chilai vaLaiya

Word by word meaning

munniya peNNai mEl – on the palm tree seen in front
muL muLari kUdu agaththu – in the nest made with lotus stem which has thorns
pinnum avvanRil siRuvAych chiRu pedaiyum – feeble voice emanating from the mouth of the female love bird which has locked its beak with that of the male
ennudaiya nenjukku Or ir vAL Am – it is like a unique sword which cut my heart
en seygEn – what means will I carry out (to escape from this)?
kal navil thOL kAman – manmadha (cupid) who has (firm) shoulders which are like mountain
karuppuch chilai  vaLaiya –  drawing (his) bow made of sugarcane


munniya peNNai mEl – on top the palm tree which is in front

muL muLarik kUttagaththu – inside the nest made with lotus stems having thorns. The opinion is that since they are inside the nest of thorns, the characteristic of torturing others seems to have come naturally.

pinnum – beyond what has been stated already. The male love-bird and its female have intertwined their beaks; their joy of union nurtures her (AzhwAr in the mood of parakAla nAyaki) distress of separation.

avvanRil pedaivAych chiRu kuralum – with their happiness increasing with their union, the feeble voice from the mouth of the female bird . . . .

ennudaiya – already destroyed, my  . . . . .

nenjukku Or Ir vALAm – whatever had been stated earlier had tortured my physical body. This (voice from the female bird) cuts asunder my heart.

en seygEn – what will I, a weak woman, do? There seems to be no way to survive.

kal navil thOl kAman – kAma (cupid), whose shoulders become harder and firmerlike a stone, as he keeps torturing women repeatedly

karuppuch chilai vaLaiya – even though it [bow held by him] may be sweet like sugarcane, there is no shortcoming in its cruelty

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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