periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai

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thannudaiya kongai mugam neRiyath thAn avan than
pon varai Agam thazheeikkoNdu pOyth thanadhu                               58
nannagaram pukku nayandhinidhu vAzhndhadhuvum
munnuraiyil kEttu aRivadhillaiyE – sUzh kadaluL                                59
ponnagaram seRRa purandharanOdu Er okkum         

Word by word meaning

thannudaiya kongai mugam neRiya – such that the face of her bosom became stiff
thAn – (discarding her shyness) on her own
avan than – that arjuna’s
pon varai Agam – beautiful, mountain-like chest
thazheeikkoNdu pOy – embracing
thanadhu – her
nal nagaram pOy pukku – reaching beautiful place (in the land of snakes)
nayandhu – celebrating
inidhu vAzhndhadhuvum – that she lived happily
mun uraiyil kEttu aRivadhillaiyE – have you not heard of, in mahAbhAratham?
sUzh kadaluL – in the expansive ocean
pon nagaram seRRa – one who destroyed the towns of hiraNyAsura
purandharanOdu Er okkum – it will parallel the greatness of dhEvEndhra (head of celestial entities)


thannudaiya kongai mugam neRiya – manifesting only her love, without waiting for reciprocation, to the extent of showing off the face of her bosom

thAn avan than ponvaraiyAgam thazheeikoNdu pOy – embracing his chest which looked like a golden mountain, even if he did not evince any interest

pon varai Agam – while all the people in the world were carrying out penance in order to attain celestial damsel Urvasi, did not that Urvasi very much desire to embrace arjuna? Such arjuna’s chest.

thanadhu nannagaram – unlike the town here [in materialistic world] where people prevented others from engaging in madal, her (ulUpi’s) town had people who celebrated those who engaged in carrying out madal.

pugundhu – entering [such a town]

nayandhu – celebrating. Being united with him for a long time

inidhu vAzhndhadhuvum – unlike people here who prevent [anything good happening], since she had friends who showed her ways to attain him and who praised her, she lived happily.

mun uraiyil kEttu aRivadhillaiyE – it wil not matter if one has not learnt kAmaSAsthra (treatise on love). But wouldn’t one have heard of epics such as mahAbhAratha, for the sake of attaining puNya (virtue)? If one had heard of it, one would have understood the greatness of engaging in madal.

From the verse sUzh kadaluL, until the verse pErinbam eydhinAL, the pAsuram speaks about how ushai, the daughter of bANAsura captured anirudhdha the grandson of krishNa, and enjoyed with him.

sUzh kadaluL ponnagaram seRRa purandharan – indhra (the head of celestial entities) who entered oceans and destroyed the demons of hiraNyapura and attained the name purandhara.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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