periya thiruvandhAdhi – 73 – pUvaiyum kAyAvum

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In the previous pAsuram, AzhwAr established that only emperumAn is the apt entity to be attained. Having established this, he enjoys that emperumAn, who is the ordained lord, in this pAsuram.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

pUvaiyum kAyAvum neelamum pUkkinRa
kAvi malarenRum kANdORum pAviyEn
mellAvi meymigavE pUrikkum avvavai
ellAm pirAn uruvE enRu

Word by Word Meanings

pUvaiyum – the flower of pUvai tree (bilberry)

kAyAvum – the purple coloured flower of kAyA (a kind of shrub)

neelamum – blue lily

pUkkinRa – just then blossoming

kAvi malar – blue lotus

enRum – at all times

kAN dhORum – whenever seen

avvavaiyellAm – all those flowers

pirAn uruvE enRu – thinking that they are all only the form of emperumAn (my lord)

pAviyEn – one who has the sins (of not being able to enjoy emperumAn directly), my

mel Avi – soft mind

mey – physical body

migavE pUrikkum – will greatly puff up [due to pride]


pUvaiyum kAyAvum neelamum pUkkinRa kAvi malar enRum kAN dhORum – Whenever I look at the dark coloured flowers of pUvaippU (bilberry flower), kAyAmbU (purple coloured flower), neelam pU (blue water-lily) and just then blossomed kAvippU (blue lotus), during all those times

pAviyEn mellAvi mey migavE pUrikkum avvavai ellAm pirAn uruvE enRu – my soft mind and my body will puff up with pride, thinking that all these flowers are [indicative of] emperumAn’s divine form only. The word pAviyEn would refer to AzhwAr thinking that he has lot of sins in him due to which he is unable to see directly the divine form of emperumAn. Alternatively in an ironical way, the word pAviyEn could mean one who is fortunate. The pAsuram would then mean that AzhwAr feels that he is fortunate that looking at the dark coloured flowers which are similes for emperumAn, his mind and body would puff up due to pride [as if they had seen emperumAn himself]. The word Avi refers to mind. Since the pAsuram says enRum kANdORum mellAvi pUrikkum it shows that his mind will lose consciousness out of being puffed up to a very high extent and that once consciousness is regained, it will again puff up and lose consciousness, thus repeating this process, indicating the softness of his mind. AzhwAr is amazed that not only his mind, which is the gateway for knowledge, gets puffed up but his body, which is without any knowledge, also puffs up.

We will take up the 74th pAsuram next.

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