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After AzhwAr chastised those who were arguing for oneness between emperumAn and other deities, they became followers of emperumAn. Looking at this, AzhwAr is elated and says “to emperumAn who granted me benefits in many ways, I made the world to show its affection”. With the previous pAsuram, the parOpadhESam (instructing others) of this AzhwAr has ended. The pAsurams from here onwards will reflect AzhwAr’s experience, his instruction to those who have corrected themselves and have become followers of emperumAn, on how to spend their time purposefully and his dejection on seeing how some people are still losing this experience.

Let us go through the pAsuram and its meanings:

ennenjamEyAn iruL nIkki empirAn
mannanja munnorunAL maNNaLandhAn ennenja
mEyAnai illA vidai ERRAn vevvinai thIrththu
AyAnukkAkkinEn anbu

Word for Word Meanings

en nenjamEyAn – one who resides permanently in my heart
iruL nIkki empirAn – one who bestowed a favour on me by removing the darkness of ignorance (from my heart)
man anja – for the kings to be terrified
mun oru nAL – once upon a time
maN aLandhAn – measuring the earth
en nenjam mEyAnai – emperumAn who(with that divine form) does not ever leave my heart
illA – one who did not take emperumAn in the heart
vidai ERRAn – rudhra, who has bull as his vehicle
vem vinai – the huge sin
thIththu – making it disappear
AyAnukku – emperumAn who existed (due to that)
anbu AkkinEn – created affection (in the world)


en nenjamEyAnemperumAn remained aptly in my heart. After attaining AzhwAr’s heart, even paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam) was not apt for him. The same meaning has been conveyed  by several AzhwArs, including this AzhwAr who has sung in thiruchchandhaviruththam 65 “niRpadhum Or veRpagaththu” (emperumAn stood in the distinguished thiruvEngadamalai ) and in thiruchchandhaviruththam 64 “ninRadhendhai Uragaththu” (stood in thiru Uragam), and by nammAzhwAr in periya thiruvandhAdhi 68 “kallum kanaikadalum vaikundhavAnAdum pullenRozhindhanakol EpAvam vella nediyAn niRam kariyAn uLpugundhu nIngAn adiyEnadhuLLaththagam” (emperumAn left thiruvEngadam, thiruppARkadal and SrIvaikuNtam due to which these places lost their grandeour and grass started sprouting in these places due to want of attention. emperumAn, who is tall and dark, entered my mind and will never leave it) and in thiruvAimozhi 3-8-2nenjamE neeLnagarAga irundha en thanjanE” (Oh emperumAn, my refuge, who remained in my heart, considering it as a huge town) and by periyAzhwAr in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 5-4-9 “panikkadalil paLLigOLaippazhagavittu Odivandhen manakkadalil vAzhavalla mAyamaNALa nambi”(Oh the consort of SrI mahAlakshmi , who is with amazing activities and who is  complete in all aspects! You left your mattress in thiruppARkadal and resided in the ocean of my mind).

What is the reason for taking roots in AzhwAr’s heart?

iruL nIkkiemperumAn had taken residence in AzhwAr’s heart in order to remove the darkness of  ignorance, initially in AzhwAr’s mind and later on, from the minds of other people.

ennenjamEyAn iruL nIkki – if he stays in paramapadham where there is no darkness, he cannot remove any darkness. Hence he decided to enter my heart which was full of darkness and got the famous name of iruLnIkki (one who removes darkness).

iruL nIkki empirAn – he favoured me by removing my ignorance and ignorance of other people.

Who is this entity? AzhwAr explains further . . . .

man anja munnorunAL maNNaLandhAn – it was emperumAn who measured the worlds with his feet when the egoistic kings on earth were terrified looking at the status of mahAbali who was ruling all the three worlds.

iruLnIkki empirAn maNNaLandhAnAzhwAr says that the purpose of emperumAn’s measuring the worlds was only to occupy AzhwAr’s mind and remove his ignorance.

maNNaLandhAn en nenjamEyAnai – since emperumAn was not satisfied even after measuring and seizing the three worlds, he entered the mind of AzhwAr with lot of affection.

en nenjamEyAnai illA vidai ERRAn – Siva, who has bull as his vehicle, did not have emperumAn in his heart. On a few occasions when his sathva guNa (purely good quality) is at its peak, Siva will tell emperumAn “ahamapi thE dhAsa:” (I too am your servitor) but otherwise he will oppose emperumAn, being prominent with thamas and rajas guNa (passion and ignorance).

vidai ERRAn vevvinai thiriththu – even though Siva did not take emperumAn in his heart due to his bad qualities, when he was cursed by brahmA and started roaming all over the world to get rid of the curse, emperumAn took pity on him and removed his curse.

vevvinai thIrththu AyAnukku – did not emperumAn think that he had lost his existence when Siva roamed all over the place to get rid of the brahmakapAla (severed cranium of brahmA) and that he regained his existence only after removing the curse with his own hands by filling up that cranium! AzhwAr wonders at emperumAn’s simplicity.

AyAnukku AkkinEn anbu – For such an entity who became a benefactor even for one who opposed him, apart from rendering him affection, I made the others in the world to render affection. Isn’t keeping me in such a position the greatest benefit that emperumAn endowed on me!

We will move on to the 59th pAsuram next.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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