nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – 1.7 – kAyudai nellodu

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction) – she tells kAman in this pAsuram that he should grant her the eminence of thrivikraman [emperumAn’s incarnation when he measured all the worlds] feeling her with his divine hands.

kAyudai nellodu karumbamaiththuk katti arisi avalamaiththu
vAyudai maRaiyavar mandhiraththAl manmadhanE unnai vaNanguginREn
thEsam munnaLandhavan thirivikkiraman thirukkaigaLAl ennaith thINdum vaNNam
sAyudai vayiRum en thada mulaiyum dharaNiyil thalaippugazh tharakkiRRiyE

Word-by-Word Meanings

manmadhanE – Oh manmatha!
kAyudai nellodu – with unripened paddy
karumbum – with sugar cane
amaiththu – offering to you [along with that]
katti – pieces of jaggery
arisi – raw rice
aval – flattened rice
amaiththu – cooking [these]
vAyudai – having resounding voice
maRaiyavar – experts in the treatise on love
mandhiraththAl – through hymns
unnai – you [who are my son]
vaNanguginREn – am attaining you
mun – earlier time (when all three classes of world, those below earth, earth and those above earth)
thEsam – all the worlds
aLandhavan – one who measured through his divine feet
thirivikkiraman – one who incarnated as thrivikraman
thirukkaigaLAl – with (his) divine hands
ennai – me
thINdum vaNNam – to touch
sAyudai – having radiance
vayiRum – stomach
mel – having tenderness
thadam – being huge
mulaiyum – bosoms
dharaNiyil – in this world
thalaip pugazh – enduring fame
tharakkiRRiyE – you should make that happen

Simple Translation

Oh manmatha! I will offer you tender paddy and sugarcane. I will cook jaggery powder along with raw rice and flattened rice for you. I will attain you with the hymns chanted with their resounding voices by brAhmaNas, who are experts in the treatise on love. You should mercifully help me such that thrivikraman, who had once upon a time measured the three worlds [which were seized by mahAbali] should touch my radiant stomach and huge, tender bosoms, with his divine hands.


kAyudai …. vaNanguginREn – Since kAman is one with rajO guNam (qualities of passion etc) she seeks out materials which are apt for him and offers him.

kAyudai nellodu – with tender, unripened paddy

karumbamaiththu – offering sugar cane too

katti arisi aval amaiththu – cooking together jaggery, raw rice and flattened rice

vAyudai maRaiyavar mandhiraththAl – with the hymns of love recited by brAhmaNas who have resounding voices

manmadhanE unnai vaNanguginREn – Oh one who bewilders the minds of those who are in love! Not considering that you were born to me, I am taking refuge under you.

thEsam munnaLandhavan …. thirivikkiraman – in an earlier time, when all the worlds were usurped by mahAbali [the demon], without distinguishing between the eminent and the lowly, you kept your feet on the heads of everyone, touching them. The implied meaning is that kAman should enable her to be touched by the divine hands of that thrivikraman.

sAyudai vayiRum en thadamulaiyum …. thINdum vaNNam – such that he strokes with his divine hands my radiant stomach and bosoms, which have the greatness that even he cannot enjoy fully

dharaNiyil thalaippugazh tharakkiRRiyE – she is asking him: will you grant me everlasting fame in this world?

Next, we will consider the 8thpAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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