nAchchiyAr thirumozhi – 1.6 – uruvudaiyAr iLaiyArgaL

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavara munayE nama:

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avathArikai (Introduction) – just as it has been said in bhagavath gIthA 10-9machchiththA madhgatha prANA: bhOdhayantha: parasparam l kathayanthaScha mAm nithyam thushyanthi cha ramanthi cha ll” (Keeping their hearts on me, sustaining themselves by holding on to me, telling each other (about my auspicious qualities), exchanging with each other (my divine activities), they remain blissful, by telling and hearing about me), sAthvikas [those who have noble qualities] get together with other sAthvikas in order to enjoy emperumAn’s divine qualities and to sustain themselves. In a similar manner, ANdAL in order to attain kAman who has excessive rajO guNam (qualities of passion, anger etc), gets those who are experts in kAmaSAsthram (the treatise on love) and engages with them to observe her rituals.

uruvudaiyAr iLaiyArgaL nallAr OththuvallArgaLaikkoNdu vaigal
theruvidai edhirkoNdu panguni nAL thirundhavE nORkinREn kAmadhEvA!
karuvudai mugilvaNNan kAyAvaNNan karuviLai pOl vaNNan kamalavaNNan
thiruvudai mugaththinil thirukkaNgaLAl thirundhavE nOkkenakku aruL kaNdAy

Word-by-Word Meanings

kAmadhEvA – Oh, the lord of love!
uruvudaiyAr – having beautiful forms
iLaiyArgaL – being youthful
nallAr – having good conduct
Oththu – in the treatise on love
vallArgaLai – those who are experts in
kOndu – in their presence
vaigal – every day
theruvidai – in the path where he comes
edhir koNdu – going towards him
panguni – in the [thamizh] month of panguni [equivalent of mIna mAsam]
nAL – on the great day when his uthsavam [celebration] begins
thirundha – having clarity
nORkinREn – I am observing ritual
karuvudai – having in its womb
mugil – like rain bearing clouds
vaNNan – having a complexion
kAyA – like kAyAm pU (purple lily)
vaNNan – having a divine complexion
karuviLai pOl – like dark blue flowers of a wild creeper
vaNNan – having a splendour
kamala vaNNan – having a radiance, similar to the colour of a reddish lotus
thiruvudai mugaththinil – in the divine face
thirukkaNgaLAl – with divine eyes
enakku – in matters relating to me
thirundha – for him to glance in a distinguished manner
nOkku aruL – you should mercifully glance at me

Simple Translation

Oh the lord of love! I am gathering together, experts in the treatise of love, who have beautiful forms, who are young and who have good conduct, and observing rituals, every day, in the month of panguni, with a clear mind. You should glance at me such that emperumAn, who has a dark complexion similar to rain bearing clouds, similar to a purple lily, similar to the dark blue flowers of wild creeper and who has a radiance on his divine face, similar to the colour of a reddish lotus, glances at me, with his divine eyes.


uruvdaiyAr …. OththuvallArgaLaik koNdu – in the presence of those who look beautiful, who are young in age, who have the good conduct just as it has been mentioned in the treatise on love, who have learnt the kAmasUthram composed by vAthsyAyana maharishi.

vaigal theruvidai edhirkoNdu – going to meet kAman in the path where he comes, every day

panguni nAL – in the thamizh month of panguni, when the great celebration is held for kAman, on the specific day when the function is held

thirundhavE nORkinREn – the hastiness and urge which I have in matters relating to emperumAn is such that I, who would get bewildered the minute I think of matters relating to emperumAn, become clear in my mind, without any bewilderment, while undertaking rituals in matters related to you.

kAmadhEvA – the implied meaning is that just as one would take experts in vEdhams (sacred texts) while attempting to worship emperumAn, since I am taking experts in the treatise on love while undertaking rituals towards you, you should necessarily carry out my task. Considering that kAman is asking her “What do you want me to do?” she responds in the latter half of the pAsuram.

karuvudai mugilvaNNan – one who has the divine complexion of clouds which carry water fully in their wombs. His divine form is such that one has to undergo even hardships while carrying out rituals to attain him.

kAyAm pU vaNNan – he has the complexion of a purple lily. The implication is that he has the complexion which will remove heartburns and apply black pigment to the eyes [to cool them].

karuviLai pOl vaNNan – he has the radiance of a dark blue flower which blossoms on creepers. Here again, the implication is that those who behold him will have coolness in their eyes.

kamalavaNNaththiruvudai ……aruL kaNdAy – you should mercifully shower your grace on me such that the one who has a divine form just as it has been described above, should shower his distinguished glance on me through his divine eyes which have the complexion of lotus, located on his divine face.

thirundhavE nOkku aruL – it is not enough if he were to look at me just as he looks at an orchard, looking collectively. He should look at each limb on my form separately and shower his distinguished grace. Alternatively, instead of looking at us in order to remove our distress, he should look at us in such a way that he is able to rid himself of his distress.

Next, we will consider the 7thpAsuram of this decad.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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