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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


pandhOdu kazhal maruvAL paingiLiyum
pAlUttAL pAvai pENAL
vandhAnO! thiruvarangan vArAnO!
enRenRE vaLaiyum sOrum
sandhOgan pauzhiyan ainthazhal Ombu
thaiththiriyan sAma vEdhi
andhO! vandhu en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
ammanaimIr! aRigilEnE

Word-by-Word meanings

pandhOdu – With ball
kazhal – the unripe fruits which are known as kazhal (and used by girls for playing)
maruvAL – not desiring
pai – green
kiLiyum – for the parrot
pAl UttAL – not feeding milk
pAvai – doll
pENAL – not liking
thiruvarangan – azhagiya maNavALan
vandhAn – has mercifully arrived
O – amazing
enRu – saying this
vArAn – he is not coming
O – alas!
enRE – saying this
vaLaiyum – (on her hands) bangles
sOrum – losing
chandhOgan – one who knows the meaning of the special portion of sAma vEdham
pavuzhiyan – one who knows the meaning of kaushIdhakI brAhmaNam
aindhu azhal – one who remains amidst five fires
Ombu – one who performs fire sacrifice
thaiththiriyan – one who knows the meaning of thaiththirIya upanishath
sAma vEdhi – one who knows the meaning of sAma vEdham, he
vandhu – arrived where she remains
en magaLaich cheydhanagaL – what he did to my daughter
ammanaimIr – Oh mothers!
aRigilEnE – I don’t know
andhO – alas!

Simple translation

My daughter is not desirously playing with ball and unripe fruits which are known as kazhal; she is not feeding milk to her green parrot; she is not liking her doll; she is saying “azhagiya maNavALan has mercifully arrived! Amazing!” and “Alas! He is not coming”; she is losing her bangles; emperumAn knows the meaning of the special portion of sAma vEdham; he knows the meaning of kaushIdhakI brAhmaNam; he remains amidst five fires; he performs fire sacrifice; he knows the meaning of thaiththirIya upanishath; he knows the meaning of sAma vEdham. He arrived where she remains. Oh mothers! I don’t know what he did to my daughter. Alas!

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pandhu – She would not leave these even while sleeping; but now she has abandoned them.

paingiLiyum – Not only she remains indifferent towards her parents but also her children [pets].

pAvai pENAL – Previously, if someone did not care for her doll, that will not be liked by her. Now, she is herself not caring for it. As said in “thasmAth bAlyE vivEkAthmA yathEtha SrEyasE nara:” (Wise person seeks goodness while being young), she has become wise. Thus, it is said that she has given up her past acts. SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 19.5 “parithyakthA mayA lankA” (I have abandoned lankA). Just as in the case of prApaka (means), when bhagavAn is considered as the means, one would abandon all other means, in the case of prApya (goal) too, other goals will be considered as false goals and be abandoned.

She abandoned everything else; she thought that his arrival is confirmed; considering her state as the reason,

vandhAnO thiruvarangam enRu – She will say “Will one who would come and remain [in/with us] to eliminate the external attachment, not come even if we eliminated our attachment to everything else?”

vArAnO – She will say “Should I die, remaining in this state itself?”. She will say “For us, it so happened that we will get the same result in being attached to those who don’t have noble qualities, even after being attached to bhagavAn [who has noble qualities]”.

vaLaiyum … – Even bangles faced the same fate as the ball, kazhal and doll, and slipped from her hands. SrI vishNu purANam 5.18.29 “Saithilyam upayAnthyASu karEshu valayAnyapi” (As krishNa left, our bangles also left us).

chandhOgan … – We can tolerate this if an ignorant person did this to us; one who is said to be, as in SrI bhagavath gIthA 15.15 “vEdhavidhEva chAham” (Only I am the knower of vEdham) is doing this.

chandhOgan … – This could imply chAndhOgya upanishath in sAma vEdham; alternatively – this implies that he is known only through vEdham and subsequent portion indicates that he is an expert in vEdhAntham.

andhO … – If the omniscient one does what an ignorant person would do, can I seek any other refuge?

vandhu – When she was not interested in him, he came voluntarily and made her like this and then ignores her! He is the one who troubled her first and then ignores her.

When recited as “en pon magaL“, it means “my best daughter”.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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