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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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kalaiyALA agalalgul kanavaLaiyum kaiyALA
en seygEn nAn?
vilaiyALA adiyEnai vENdudhiyO?
vENdAyO? ennum meyya
malaiyALan vAnavar tham thalaiyALan
marAmaram Ezh eydha venRich
chilaiyALan en magaLaich cheydhanagaL
enganam nAn sindhikkEnE?

Word-by-Word meanings

agal – vast
algul – waist region
kalai – garment
ALA – not holding;
kanam – golden
vaLaiyum – bangles
kai – (her) hands
ALA – not remaining;
nAn – I
en seygEn – what will do?
adiyEnai – I who am fixed in servitude
vilaiyALA – to have me as a product which can be transferred at will
vENdudhiyO – will you desire?
vENdAyO – will you not desire?
ennum – she is saying in this manner;
meyyam – known as thirumeyyam
malai ALan – having thirumalai as his abode
vAnavar tham – for nithyasUris
thalai ALan – being the lord
Ezh – seven
marAmaram – sAla vrukshas (ebony trees)
eydha – pierced
venRi – victorious
silai ALan – chakravarthith thirumagan, who has the [bow and] arrow
en magaLai – my daughter
seydhanagaL – what he did
nAn – I
enganam – how
sindhikkEn – can think about?

Simple translation

My daughter’s vast waist region is not holding the garment; her golden bangles on her hand are not remaining; what will I do? She is saying “Will you or will you not desire to have me who is fixed in servitude, as an entity which can be bought/sold at will?” chakravarthith thirumagan who has the victorious [bow and] arrow which pierced the seven sAla vrukshas (ebony trees), is the lord of nithyasUris and is having thirumalai (divine hill) known as thirumeyyam as his abode. How can I think about what he did to my daughter?

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

kalai ALA agal algul – The waist region which was vast previously, has now become thin due to suffering in separation. Hence the garment is not held properly.

kana vaLaiyum kaiyALA – The best bangle is not remaining on the hand.

en seygEn yAn – What can I who live by seeing her beautiful garment and combination of hand and bangles, do now? Can I make the garment and bangles remain? Can I make her not indulge in him in this manner? Can I make him accept her as a servitor? What can I do?

vilai ALA … – This is explained in two ways. 1) I who exist only for you such that even you cannot make me a servitor of someone else. 2) To have me at your total disposal to buy/sell me as you please. Will you do this or not? She says “Do this to have me alive”. SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 36.30 “thAvath hi aham” (sIthAp pirAtti says “I wish to be alive only as long as I hear about my husband’s activities”.

meyyam … – He came to and remained in thirumeyyam to make her say “vilaiyALA adiyEnai vENdudhiyO?“, after manifesting his saulabhyam (easy approachability) even after being as said in thiruvAimozhi 1.1.1 “ayarvaRum amarargaL adhipathi” (lord of nithyasUris who have no bewilderment). As said in thirunedundhaNdagam 10 “pinnAnAr vaNangum sOdhi” (the radiant lord who is worshipped in archA form, by those who missed his incarnations). bhagavAn who is even beyond nithyasUris who are described as in purusha sUktham “thEha nAkam mahimAnas sachanthE yathra pUrvE sAdhyAs santhi dhEvA:” (in which paramapadham the sAdhyAs, who have been present since time immemorial, are residing, make that paramapadham great) to be front runners [in bhagavath vishayam], has arrived here to help those who are falling behind, here.

marAmaram … – Isn’t he the one who helps by taking up arms for even those who don’t trust his abilities and take his help?

en magaLai … – Whatever he has done to bring confidence in sugrIva mahArajar, has been done to make her lose confidence in him. He made her, who completely believes him to be the protector, to call out explicitly [which shows lack of faith. If one is confident, one will remain quiet, patiently]. The mother who sees the one [bhagavAn] who is the means, remains thinking “Do we have to do anything?” Daughter remains thinking “If we are to attain him, can we remain quiet where we are?”

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